BiteFight is a browser based game about a war between werewolves and vampires, play against thousands of players in this free to play browser game with no downloads required. In Bitefight you get to take on the role of either a vampire or a werewolf and duke it out against your enemies in vicious battles for ultimate supremacy and the reputation of your race.


Made up from characters of the same race, either vampire or werewolf, the goal of a clan is to become the strongest and most powerful clan possible and as a team fight your way to victory, helping each other to fight your common enemies. Either create your own clan or join a pre-existing one to meet new friends, or if you are the lone wolf type then go solo as there are no obligations to join a clan at all.


Your hideout is your safe haven and where you can find protection against those who would try to kill you. As your hideout is upgraded to a higher level you can increase the defensive value and function of your walls, paths and environments.


Internet connection and Java.

Developed by Gameforge for Internet browser.


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