Doom Warrior

GENRE: Free to play Arena MMO
PLATFORM: Mac / Windows / iOS / Android / Linux
DEVELOPER: Creaky Corpse


Doom Warrior is a brutal free to play RPG that revolves around a single one-on-one duels between players in gladiatorial type arenas as players battle for position, power and glory. With character customisation options and PVE campaign progress players will build up their champion and face off against tougher and more dangerous opponents as they begin their journey to be the best.


- Full character customisation
- Unlock dozens of different arenas
- Earn new gear and items to increase your warrior
- Show your enemies mercy in the arena or Execute them
- Craft your own perfect items
- Unlock powerful abilities
- Available on multiple platforms
- Completely free to play


The game mechanics of Doom Warrior are particularly simplistic, but still require skill and quick reactions to be competitive against other players. Using the keyboard to perform attacks, blocks and special abilities players must face each other in single combat duels where the first person to have their health bar reduced to zero is defeated; players have no control of movement around the arena can simply try to hit their opponent and block their incoming blows.

Players will level up, increase their stats, acquire new gear and items, all of which will make the player’s more powerful in battle. The variety of different mechanics such as item crafting, Rune socketing, Clan creation and rank ladders, the game is a competitive MMO where players continuously fight to be at the top of the rank ladders skill that they earn great rewards.


Combat is solely focused on using the keyboard keys as players exchange blows in the arena:

Directional Arrow Keys - used to perform attacks players can use the left and right arrow keys to make slashes from the left or right, the up arrow does a quick jab which whilst not doing much damage requires the opponent to be a lot faster with their blocking and the down arrow performs a powerful overhead strike, which is slow to perform but does increased amounts of damage

WASD Keys – using WASD players must match the direction of the incoming attack to try and block it, blocking goes off both the players reactions and their Blocking stats, even if successful block can still sometimes managed to get through and hit someone who has low Blocking abilities

1,2,3 Keys - using various items and gear players gain access to different special abilities that they can perform in battle, from Bleed attacks and Stuns Lightning and Fireball attacks, which uses up a large amount other players energy


Players can gain access to a number of different items to equip their fighters, typically a full set consists of armor, a helmet, an amulet, two rings and either a one-handed weapon with a shield, a two-handed weapon or duel wielding one-handed weapons. Equipment can either be purchased using Gold at the Blacksmith or the Bazaar, as well as being gained as loot from defeating bosses. If players don’t like the look of their acquired gear then they have the option of re-forging equipment to modify the way it looks, but doesn’t affect the items stats.

Players can also gain access to Runes to socket into certain pieces of equipment that will increase one or more stats depending on the type of Rune and its level, whereas Artifacts are similar in that they enhance stats, but the item can stay with you as it increases as you level up. Players can also gain their special abilities through gear items.


One of the main points of the game is to fight to increase your Battle Points, a value that shows you how well you are doing in comparison to other players and puts you in an arena rank ladder; the player who earns the most points in a particular Arena in a week becomes the Arena Champion and gains lots of rewards.

In battle players are able to Execute their defeated opponents, an act that will claim some of the players Gold from them and also reduce the victims Battle Points; similarly if that player was in a Clan then it reduces the Clans Battle Points, so be careful how often you Execute players as you may quickly get enemies.


Currently Unknown


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