GENRE: Free to play MOBA
DEVELOPER: Ronimo Games


A free to play 2D platform MOBA where players fight in 3 vs 3 matches using a wide variety of crazy characters across multiple maps. With a “Saturday morning cartoon” style, the game is bright and colourful, the characters humorous, and the combat action packed.


- 2D Platform cartoon graphics
- Six available maps
- 3V3 battles in Co-op, vs AI, PVP and Custom
- Classes, minions and turrets in a true MOBA style
- Wide variety of customizable Awesomenauts characters
- Map editor with Steam Workshop integration
- Local splitscreen with up to three players with online and offline play
- Free to play


In 3587 AD, an army of robots have marched across the Galaxy, engulfing it in conflict, a battle that appears will never. Now a group of powerful mercenaries from the various reaches of the cosmos have been called together. To end this conflict once and for all it will require the Awesomenauts!


The developers have made an effort to capture the “Saturday morning cartoon” theme. With exciting combat, colourful characters and an awesome sound track it all sets the fun tone. PVP matches are broken down into 3v3 battles across various 2D platform maps. Players navigate around with WASD and are able to move between platforms trying outmanoeuvre their opponents. Across the map players acquire solar cubes, which can then be spent in the in-match shop to purchase upgrades. During a match players can earn XP points through kills to level up the entire team, which increases every team member’s health and damage output. The core focus of battle is to fight across multiple levelled platforms, pushing minion waves, fighting past turret towers. Reach and destroy the oppositions Solar Drill structure and the game is won.

By playing games players will unlock account bonuses, as well as gain XP for the specific Awesomenaut that they were playing with. This XP levels the character up, which gives the player access to some additional shop items whilst playing the game. Games yield currency that can be used to purchase the different characters, portraits and drop pods. These items can also be purchased alternatively with cash and skin cosmetics are cash only items.


The game focuses on using a WASD movement to get around the platforms with A and D for moving left and right. W uses different ways to jump depending upon the character (double jump, high jump, etc.). The S key is used to drop down to lower levels. Attacks are bound to the mouse buttons (left, middle and right) and aimed with the mouse itself using a cursor. The different abilities that players have are determined by their choice of character and the items they pick up in the shop (dependent on their level with that character).

Each map has multiple lanes, platforms that lead up to mini bosses and mobs that can be killed for additional boosts and health. “Bush” areas that provide invisibility to the player when within them allow for ambushes and escapes. Multiple turrets defending the lanes and within each base is the Solar Drill. Minion waves will continue to push a lane and attack enemy minions or turrets they encounter. Turrets prioritise minions when they are in range and so pushing a lane allows a player to damage a turret safely. Without the minion the player will begin to take heavy damage and can be killed, respawning a few moments later in their own base.


There are currently thirty characters in the game to unlock and play. Each character has their own role such as a damage dealing Fighter, or a damaging soaking Tank. Some of the characters available are:

Scoop of Justice – This green alien slime wields a sword in one hand able heal himself with each swing, in the other he throws out a hammer of ice to snare enemies, and even has his own healing bindings to give himself some quick health

Sentry X-58 – This robot on tracks is able to teleport across the map, shields damage and can then return it in the form of his very own conjured black hole


O/S: Windows 7, 8 or 10
CPU: Any 2 core processor
HDD: 3.5GB
Video: NVIDIA or AMD card with min 512MB, or Intel HD Graphics


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