GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Sony Online Entertainment


EverQuest is one of the first large-scale commercial MMORPGs with 18 years of constant development that has brought 21 huge expansions and in-depth content to the players that adventure across the land of Norrath. Completely free to play this exciting adventure-based fantasy MMO RPG is packed full of features and content and has an extensive and thriving community.


- 18 years of content
- Full character customisation with 16 races and 16 classes
- Over 500 zones to explore
- Hire NPC mercenary is to aid you in your journey
- In-depth player run marketplace
- Solo Group and Raid based content
- Completely free to play


EverQuest is a classic MMORPG focusing on quest-based narrative content that will encourage exploration of some fantastic and perilous areas in search of treasure and glory as heroes will face off against powerful and challenging AI enemies. Still running after almost 2 decades the game is a benchmark this for many fantasy MMORPGs provides extensive content to players with both a thriving role-playing and PVP community.


Providing far more race options than many other MMORPGs players can choose between the races of three different alignments; the classic Good, Neutral and Evil races:

Good Races - The tribal Barbarian Northmen, the ferocious Dwarf, the hospitable Halfling, the ancient High Elf and the Forest dwelling Wood Elf, the Good races of the world stand together in a fight against the dark forces that would threaten Norrath and the innocent people that live their.

Neutral Races – The Drakkin, humans touched with dragon blood, the Erudite that descend from a once great mage, the amphibious Froglok, the wiley Gnome, the mixed Half Elf offspring, the versatile and diverse Human and the feline Vah Shir. These neutral races hold no particular allegiance and many can sway either way in the battle for Norrath.

Evil Races – The intelligent and twisted Dark Elf, the fearsome Iksar lizardfolk, the ominous and cannibalistic Ogre and the hideous Troll. The collective evil races look to sow chaos and destruction upon the lands, take what they wish and destroy those who stand in their way.


There are 16 playable classes available within the game, each split into one of four different categories:

Melee - Up close and personal these melee combatant’s range from the strong and rage focused Berserker, the Monk who have mastered focus and hand-to-hand combat, the stealthy Rogue relying on stealth and subversion to take down their enemies and the Warriors; masters of armed combat and defence.

Priest - Using their supportive abilities they focus on healing and strengthening their companions whilst weakening their opponents. From the devout Cleric that finds their powers from faith in their chosen deity, the Druid that worshipped the wild lands and the gods of nature and the Shaman that draw upon the spirits and the elements to find their power.

Caster - Magic comes in many forms and takes a different kind of practitioner to master each of them. The Enchanter is a subtle caster, specialising on altering their companions state of mind they are able to bring out the best in their group, where the Magician is able to col forth elemental servants to do their bidding. The Necromancer calls forth their own servants and are Masters of the undead and the Wizard has mastery over the elements; able to cast powerful spells of destruction.

Hybrid - Versatile classes that can fill one of many roles, from the Bard who is a general all-rounder able to heal, cast, charm and inflict damage to the Beastlord that can focus natures’ energy into both themselves and their wild pets, focusing primarily on melee it is their available tactics that makes them so versatile. The Paladin is a holy warrior able to shield whilst offer their martial prowess on the battlefield and the Rangers versatility comes from their ability in being a up close melee class that have tapped into nature to bolster their own abilities. The Shadowknight is holy warrior, using their own fear, pain and disease to attack their enemies, deadly and evil combatant they sacked the life force of their opponents.


The game has an extensive amount of PVE content from in-depth quest story arcs to adventure zones and deadly dungeons that can be explored where players must go up against exciting AI bosses. PVP can be found in the form of arena combat and duels as well as PVP focused servers that allow players to attack each other in the open.


O/S: Win XP, Vista or 7
RAM: 512MB
Video: NVidia Ti 4800 or ATI 9800


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