Dragon’s Prophet

Dragon's Prophet

Be transported to the realm of Auratia a mystical land where dragons roam free in this fantasy MMORPG. Explore the in-depth relationship between dragons and humans, discover the history of what has united and divided these two races. Discover, tame, train and ride your own dragon companions in an epic story of the world’s fate.


Centuries have been and gone since the culmination of the second war of Dragons, those lands and cities that fell in that time have now been rebuilt and thrive in this time of peace and prosperity. But all good things must come to an end. To the south evil stirs and dark, vengeful eyes look upon these tranquil lands biding their time until their ancient fury will be known once more.

Main Features

-          Completely f2pMMORPG, no money, no commitment, by what you like

-          A revolutionary MMO where you can fight, tame, train and even ride hundreds of different Dragons

-          Action-based combat system gives users a a wide array of tactics and strategy in battle with their revolutionised auto targeting feature

-          Explorer and adventure through the realm of Auratia, uncover its in-depth history and unlock its many mysteries


This there are over 300 dragons that can be found within the world, each unique with its own look and varied skill sets. Discover them, fight them and even tame and train them to become your own companions and mounts and level up their own personal abilities.

 Player Housing

This players are able to direct their own impressive structures that go beyond imagination, take full control of your own home and decorating it to your own personal tastes giving you somewhere to rest at the end of a hard day’s dragon taming.


The Frontier

Guilds are able to settle the wild frontier, erecting structures and raising an army, with this construction system of epic proportions players can now build and run their own Empire from nothing!


Genre: Free to play MMORPG

Developed By: Runewaker Entertainment

Available Platform: Windows

System Requirements



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