Imperial Hero 2

Imperial Hero 2

Imperial Online is a free to play browser-based title (also available on Android) that sends players out across a dangerous land filled with evil and adventure. It features story focused quest based content through which players search powerful gear and new fighting companions. The game does not require a client download to play and can be accessed directly through the game’s website.


- Build your own hero
- Acquire gear items and equip yourself
- Meet new companions to join your party
- Battle through hundreds of quests
- PVE and PVP focused content
- Craft, Trade and join a Guild
- Free to play
- Browser gameplay


The core of the game revolves around building up a hero character, and their subsequent companions, and making them as strong as possible to take on scaling difficulty quests that grow consistently harder as you advance through the game. Earning hero levels, acquiring new gear and managing your inventory is the name of the game, whereas combat focuses on party management to a deeper degree. The game focuses on story content first and foremost as an RPG, but later game focuses more on team based content or pursuits of individual player PVP rankings.


Players get to create their initial hero, choosing both the look of the character from some pre-made images and giving them a name, they will start out as a generic fighter able to use various weapons and skills, but at higher levels will specialize into a specific class and gain more focused abilities and combat styles. By completing content such as quests players will level up their Hero, which determines their account level, and unlock new features, but will also grant the Hero 1 skill point to spend and 5 attribute points. Attribute points cover the five main stats for a character:

Vitality – With every vitality point your health increases by 10

Dexterity – Determines your chance to hit, compared to the enemy agility

Strength – Required to equip weapons and armors. Unused strength increase your melee weapon damage by a certain percentage

Agility – Determines your chance to evade, compared to the attacker’s dexterity. Increases initiative

Intelligence – With every intelligence point your spirit increases by 10

Skills work in conjunction with attribute gains, but focus more on specific abilities in battle such as dealing single target damage, returning spirt with attacks, ranged critical strikes and more, with extra skills added depending upon class choice.


There are quests available all across the world, picked up from NPCs and village style locations such as taverns, the residents of which will always have a job available where they need a plucky adventurer. Quests will take players out into the province map where they must travel from place to place, which can take a number of minutes to travel to if it is quite a distance away (or be instantly reached with Diamonds). Quests are colour coded to give a visual indicator as to how difficult they will be for the player, with green meaning very easy and red providing the greatest challenges… but also the greatest rewards!


Primarily done through quests in early game, or PVP content later on when it is unlocked, combat sees the player’s party of adventurers engaging in automated battle with various enemies. Initially players must manage their team gear and then choose their formation, moving their Hero and companions around on the grid to choose whether they are front line, backline or flank combatants. Once battle begins the player has no more control over the fight and so strategy completely comes down to managing the group and their assets and being well prepared. Every battle consumes a small portion of the Heroes stamina pool, meaning that they can only battle for a set period of time before they need to rest and wait to passively replenish their stamina over time, or spend Diamonds to instantly recover.


Whilst the game is free there are systems in place to allow for microtransactions through premium Diamond currency, earned in some small measure through levelling up and being top ranked in various game features, players can buy this currency using real cash. Diamonds provide a number of perk items that can only be bought with diamonds, or allows players to fast travel and skip long wait times for convenience. The number of Diamonds a player purchases on their account is remembered and players earn their level of VIP status based off how many Diamonds that have bought, which in turn provides extra perks for the account.


Web Browser and Android devices

GENRE: Free to play Hero Builder
PLATFORM: Internet Browsers and Android
DEVELOPER: Imperia Online


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