Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires is an exciting city management MMO set in ancient Greece where players are responsible for managing the resources, military and expansion of a city state during the invasion of the Persian Empire at the command of Xerxes. Players are able to work together to form powerful Coalitions, advance their city through trade, negotiation and diplomacy or take what they need by building up their own army and raiding rival city states and dominating them through conquest. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed through your web browser and does not require a client download.


- Build up your own city from scratch
- Learn to balance and manage your resources to advance your nation
- Raise up and train a powerful army of soldiers
- Open Agreements with other cities to learn new technologies and methods
- Interact with other players through trade, diplomacy and PVP conquest
- Create a Guild or join one using the Coalition feature
- Fight against challenging AI and fight back the Persian invaders
- Free to play
- Browser-based


At the close of the 5th century BC the mighty Empire of Persia, under the rule of the powerful Xerxes the Great, has invaded ancient world of Greece. Rallied under King Leonidas the countries’ Archons have been tasked to ready the city states that they rule and prepare for war against the foreign invaders. Cities fall one after the other is the Persian threat continues to spread across Hellas and the people cry out for a hero.


The main gameplay for Sparta: War of Empires revolves around establishing a city state and leading it as one of King Leonidas’s Archon, responsible for the people that your sworn to protect, advancing your city by opening up trade agreements with your allies and even rivals, gathering resources and training up a large enough army to fight back at Xerxes and his Persian forces.


The game focuses on the meticulous management of its three base resources: Timber, Grain and Bronze, with these three every other action in the game can be performed making them the lifeblood of any growing city. These resources are needed in various combinations, from signing new Agreements, constructing and improving city buildings, training new military units and also permanently maintaining them as units require daily quantities of Grain to remain in a players service.

Resources can be acquired through trade with other players, raiding their cities to take their resources for your own, taking over Colonies or simply building resource production facilities such as farms, lumber yards and forges within your city.


Agreements are signed between competing cities, whether friendly allies or rivals and Agreement is a mutually beneficial action that will give players access to new types of units, buildings and access to new abilities. Once per day players Ephors will draft up a new Article of Agreement which the player can then use to open up new Agreements with other cities, extremely useful for trading between allies or keeping diplomatic ceasefire terms with a potential rival that you’re not prepared to deal with just yet.


Players are able to siege each other cities by forcibly placing troops into the enemy’s territory and can then be claimed by the attacking Archon if they are successful, which as well as giving access to a new city, larger territory borders and more resources it will also give the player Siege points to increase their siege ranking that can earn them drachma each week.


Drachma are the premium currency is available in the game and, as well as through the siege rankings, can be acquired through various ways in the game such as levelling up or a specific Global quest rewards and logging onto the game for five days in a row. Drachma can also be purchased with real-world money and used to gain access to premium features that offer gameplay enhancements such as quicker build times and resource purchasing without creating too large of an imbalance rate Pay to Win situation.


Free to play Strategy MMO


Web Browser




Web Browser


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