Shadowbound players get to embark on an epic browser-based fantasy MMORPG quest where they are the primary hero responsible for fighting evil by building up a strong party of adventurers accompanied by benevolent guardians that will aid you in your journey. The game is an isometric 3D browser-based flash MMORPG with wonderfully rendered illustrative graphics and an immersive and musical score that helps to draw people into this fantastic world. Shadowbound is a completely free to play MMO with some premium paid for elements that are completely optional.


- Choose from three different classes: Hunter, Mage or Warrior
- Recruit loyal Mercenary companions into your party
- Use strategy to create tactical formations with your group
- And the blessing of enlightened guardians, powerful allies who will fight by your side
- Level up your character and your party members
- Acquire new items and gear to increase your Battle Rating
- Extensive quest-based missions
- In-depth dungeons that can be played on various difficulties and with friends
- Exciting PVP for rewards
- Browser based with no client download
- Free to play MMO


In the beginning of time the shadows had invaded the heavenly realms, stole many artifacts, including the powerful mystic crystals and the Guardian of Light, Celeste, was imprisoned, With the light of the world tainted the world fell into turmoil.


Gameplay in Shadowbound is extremely automated where much of the action including combat happens with very little player involvement needed, the core of the game focuses more on players building up their party and their hero by gathering gear and levelling up their characters to increase their overall Battle Rating. The game is a story driven MMO RPG with a long main quest line and plenty of PVE and PVP features to keep players entertained along the way.


Players can find ease of gameplay through many of the automated features within Shadowbound, everything from fully automated combat where the moment a player enters combat with an enemy, either player or AI, combat begins with a continuous exchange of blows until one side is victorious with no player involvement once initiated. Similarly players can navigate around the world completing quests by clicking hyperlinks in the quest log to instantly auto path to locations.

The Training Ground also allows players to level up whilst AFK, designed for those players that feel they are not getting EXP fast enough this feature on locked at level 33 and in the area players click a “Start AFK” button and they will automatically fight creatures to fight until the player clicks the “Stop AFK” button. There is no limit to how much time players can AFK level their characters, but for the first hour of each day (or two hours at the weekend) players of a higher likelihood of getting powerful gear.


The Elite Dungeon is a special dungeon that has a number of chapters and is the key place to earn Sacred Ore as well as items for upgrading gear. Every level of the dungeon corresponds with its main quest and has a number of Mystic Planes that players must conquer by defeating powerful Bosses and earning Stars (the more stars earned the better the rewards a player will earn four that dungeon). Players gain greater rewards when they complete all the levels of a chapter as well as additional rewards for completing them all with full Stars, each chapter is complete the new one will become accessible.


Players are able to battle each other within the Arena, and instanced based area where players can fight solo or in teams against each other trying to earn Honour points that are used to purchase new gear. Everyone in the Arena has a ranking and the higher a players rank the more Honour points they earn each day, a players performance in the Arena as determined by their wins and losses will ultimately determine their rank position.


To build up a player’s team they must recruit new Mercenaries to join them as companions who can be levelled up and equipped with powerful gear items to increase the party’s overall Battle Rating. Players can also recruit the services of powerful Guardians who will boost the overall party and have access to devastating attacks that will completely annihilate enemy opponents.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG

PLATFORM: Web Browser




Web Browser


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