Luna Online: Reborn

Luna Online: Reborn


A relaunch of a 2009 title, Luna Online: Reborn takes many traditional MMORPG elements and wraps them in a colourful anime/chibi style game with 3D graphics and a fun, family friendly look suitable for all ages. The game is feature packed focusing on PVE, PVP, crafting, questing and various social aspects and completely free to play.


- 116 Hybrid Classes
- Over 500 skills
- Three races
- 3D Graphics
- Questing and PVE content
- Faction PVP and Duels
- Farming and Housing
- Free to play


Evil has arisen in BlueLand, the ancient alliance between Elves and Humans has rallied them to battle against this unknown threat, but these two mighty races alone will not be enough to fight off these dark forces. The Elves and Humans have turned to the dark Majin race to create an unlikely partnership that will help them against their common foe.


The game has three playable races; Humans, Elves and the dark Majin, each race gives players different benefits and racial traits; the Humans gain extra critical damage whereas Elf characters get an improved dodge rate and Majin get an improved movement speed.

Elves and Humanoids have the same starting classes: Fighters, Mages and Rogues, however the Majin are a classless race and instead are a combination of all the classes offering a lot more versatile gameplay but lacking overall power in any one area.

Players gain XP as they level up and as they reach set key levels they are able to choose a new additional class, creating 116 possible combinations, with various choices available depending on your starting class. Some sub-classes are locked to particular races, such as the Rune Knight and Magnus being choices for Elf Fighters, whereas Human Fighters can choose from Mercenaries, Gladiators and Destroyers.

Majin are completely different and do not have different class choices, instead as they reach the same key levels they unlock new abilities that help them improve their overall playstyle and make them more powerful and adaptable to different situations and opponents.


Combat is very traditional and works with a lack of tab targeting for more action based combat, players have various abilities available to them summarised by their class and defining their playstyle. Abilities are positioned on the hotkey bar and players are able to move them around, using abilities consumes mana and so players must monitor their mana use as well as their healthbar, players have abilities to replenish these as well as items to recover them such as potions.


Each character has gear slots that they can equip a variety of items, weapons and armor, the class a player starts as will determine what types of weapons and armor they can use. Equipped gear grants bonuses to a characters stats and so the higher the quality/rarer the gear the more powerful the improvements; players will generally pick up new items from quest rewards or as loot drops from enemies. Monsters can also drop various materials that can be used in crafting as each character has a crafting skill as well as different gathering skills such as fishing, here they can craft many different armors, weapons and items to help them in combat as well as a variety of useful items. Players can buy different items through the shop, including the cash shop, and can also gain items such as cosmetic items with mounts, pets and even costumes to customize the look of their character.


PVE is a staple to gameplay focusing mostly on quests, NPCs will give players tasks to head out into the world killing various enemies and bosses, and the world is divided up into different regions that are broken down into different level ranges for players to maximize their XP gain. Away from PVE players can also fight against each other in competitive PVP, this can be done through duels but also when creating a character players get to choose whether they wish to join the Red or Blue camp, which allows for faction based PVP in the PVP zones.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG




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