Champions Online

Genre: Free to play Superhero MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Cryptic Studios

In this free to play superhero themed MMO RPG players get to create their own superhero and operate in a world filled with villains and bad guys just waiting to be brought to justice. With superb 3-D graphics powered by the Cryptic Engine players can customise their characters quite literally billions of different cosmetic options to make their own unique superhero.

Earth is beset at all sides by various threats in the form of powerful and dastardly villains; such criminal organisations like ARGENT, PSI and VIPER have the villainous agents with their own superpowers and technology that they use to try and take control of Earth. As if that were not enough aliens from other worlds and dimensions look to enslave the people of Earth, crazed mad scientist Teleios creates is clone army and huge, deadly constructs to make life even harder for the superheroes that battle to protect mankind.

The biggest threat to Earth is Doctor Destroyer, the villainous super genius hell bent on bringing humanity to bended knee and will stop at nothing until he has reached his goal. Already wiping Detroit off the map in his devastating attack, Destroyer now prepares and schemes for his next big attack. The only people to stand in his way are The Champions, those who are sworn to protect Millennium City; are you brave enough to join the number?

Hero Customisation
Players are able to play with hundreds of combinations for both their heroes physical features, body type, hairstyle, etc. as well as fully customising their heroes costume creating unique looks that will still stand out with ease from the thousands of players that will play the game. From here players have full customisation over their available superpowers and is flexible enough to give you control of your superheroes abilities, even to the extent of customising the look and appearance of your powers themselves choosing from a variety of different colours and styles to your attacks.

What is a superhero without an equivalent nemesis? In Champions Online players are able to design your ultimate archenemy, similarly choosing their powers, costume and their name, who will actively try to stop you at every turn.

The Game
as an action orientated MMO RPG players must actively attack and block in combat which will in turn increase heroes power meter, used to perform powerful actions. If a hero falls in battle then they are able to be revived by one of their teammates, if this is not possible then they are able to respond their character at a neutral location and the player loses one of their five earned Hero Stars. Hero stars are accumulated by defeating your enemies whilst managing to remain on your feet, and they give added boosts to your hero in forms of improved damage, healing, defences, etc.

In the game players can collect orbs from downed enemies which will give temporary boosts to superheroes life, energy or powers. Players are able to move around the world using a variety of different travel type powers, which consist of flying, web slinging, jet boots, super jumps, teleportation, superspeed, and many more. In the game various items can be crafted fall into one of three different studies: arms, magic and science which can be further specialised.

Unique Locations
Champions Online revolves around an Earth inspired world filled with regions of urban cities, abandoned underground ruins, islands infested with dinosaurs and more. In a unique area known as “the underground circuit” players are able to engage in PVP, similarly the Stronghold is a unique PVP scenario where a player takes on the mantle of supervillain trying to escape or as a superhero ensuring that the bad guys are content. The game itself is instanced based, each region allowing up to one hundred players at a time, leaving these regions will reset them and any progress is lost unless the player reaches a specific “save point”, full some regions have repeatable missions that can be performed multiple times.

The Champions Companion App
This iPhone app lets players access features from within the game anywhere at any time allowing them to quickly see the latest announcement and news, view their character portrait, items and powers, send and receive in game mail, manage their friendliest and check out who is currently playing as well as looking at friends’ activity streams and more.

Subscribing Members
As a game is completely free to play new players are able to pay a monthly subscription fee to unlock all the extra features and content that is not otherwise accessible to free to play players.

System Requirement
OS: Win XP SP2/ Win Vista / Win 7
Processor: 1.8GHz Dual Core or 2.5GHz Single Core
Graphics Card: Intel GMA 4 / ATI Radeon X700 / NVIDIA GeForce 7600
Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive Space: 5GB
Internet Connection: Broadband Required


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