Big Bang Empire

Big Bang Empire

Big Bang Empire is a free to play RPG sees players rising up as movie stars… porn stars to be more precise as they begin their journey into the adult entertainment industry MMORPG. Starting out as a lowly wannabe you’ll be able to improve your attributes, fashions and accessories and work your way up from shooting homemade movies in a motel to being the King or Queen of the industry. With narrative mission focused content and high levels of individual customization, Big Bang Empire offers a funny twist to the RPG genre and is accessible through either your web browser or as an iOS or Android app.


- Extensive character customisation
- Original theme and funny story content
- PvE and PvP features
- Adult themes
- Competitive gameplay
- Browser-based/Mobile app
- Free to play


At its core Big Bank Empire is a competitive RPG where players create their own character, work to increase their abilities and gear and compete against players from around the world to improve their personal rankings. One of the main features of the game is time management, with multiple tasks available players must prioritise which tasks they wish to perform, either to gain stats, glory, cash or XP, all tasks take minutes, hours and even days to complete. By focusing on an individual task, such as Working a Job to bring in some more money, players are unable to participate in the other activities such as completing tasks/missions.

Obviously the game has adult themes and mature content, ranging from the types of missions players will perform, sexualised imagery and the general game concept being set in the adult entertainment industry.


At character creation players have a wide selection of different appearance tabs that they can mix and match to create the perfect look for their porn star, using either a male or female there are a variety of facial features, hairstyles, tattoos and more to create that perfect look. Players have the option of changing their appearance at a later date by “Going Under the Knife”, which costs cash to do. Finally players will name their fledgling star and head out into the world to make a name for themselves.


A key concept of the game are the player attributes, broken down into four main stats players will look to improve their Strength, Stamina, Finesse and Charisma, all of which will go towards making them better in combat, whether PVP or PvE.

Strength - determines how hard your character can hit
Stamina - determines your characters overall hit points
Charisma - determines your characters ability to perform critical hits
Finesse - determines your characters ability to dodge attacks

Finding a good balance is key to overcoming the various PV combat missions and also fighting against other players to increase your Glory rating.


Players can dress themselves in a wide variety of different clothing items, with numerous character slots that can be filled with different item types, though in the early days the available gear is typically low quality stuff that doesn’t look particularly professional or appealing. Clothing and accessories are more than just cosmetic and to give your character and image, each item has its own boosts to one or more of your different character attributes.


In both PVP and PVE players will have to fight against different characters, for PVP players are able to choose their opponents when being the aggressor (similar other players can target your character) and combat consists of turn-based attacks that continues until one player has lost all their hit points. Players can develop different strategies based on which attributes they have focused on, either looking for a more balanced character or focusing on a key attribute.


As players complete missions they will gain XP and level up, which in turn will give them access to new zones and new missions, strain go away from the quiet neighbourhood routine to life in the big city. Players are also able to create their own studio (Guild) with other players or work on creating Movies which cost currency and time but can give players great rewards.


Web Browser , iOS and Android

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


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