Crystal Saga II

Crystal Saga II is a Free to Play Fantasy Browser-Based MMORGPG from R2Games.

A colourful anime title, Crystal Saga 2 is a browser based free to play game where players can create and control their own hero character, journey across a huge world completing quests, acquiring equipment, levelling up and unlocking new features and content.


- Multiple classes to play
- Colourful graphics
- Acquire, enhance and improve your gear
- Level up your character for more features
- Pets, mounts and wings
- AFK Mode
- VIP System
- Free to play
- Browser game


Crystal Saga 2 is a traditional top down browser anime RPG where you must pick up quests and complete them to earn currency, rewards and XP, which in turn will make a character stronger by levelling them up but also give them access to new content in the process. The game features many automated systems and a VIP feature that grants players bonuses by spending real world cash.


The game has six player classes available:

Knight – A Melee DPS they are front line defenders for their allies equipped in the heaviest armors

Rogue – Using stealth this Melee DPS unleashes devastating close-range attacks on their opponents

Priest – A Healing Support they protect their allies, heal and revitalize them in combat

Ranger – A Control focused Ranged DPS that keeps at a distances using bows and traps to defeat foes

Mage – Magic DPS casters with AOE abilities that can control the elements to take out groups

Beastmaster – Controlling their enemy with pets with a number of familiars to deal huge damage


Each class has new skills that they can unlock from their two respective skill trees, earning a skill point every two levels players get to customize their class to best suit their play style, enhancing their skills and acquiring new ones. Players earn attribute points each time they level up and are able to increase the core class attributes, such as Endurance to gain more HP and physical def. stats, each class is more dependent on different combinations of attributes.


Pets play a huge role in the game, constant animal companions that can support the player in combat. Whether acquired through a taming scroll on Monster Island, prayed for in the Pet Temple, new Pets earned by sacrificing old ones in the Pet Shrine, or purchasing them from the Shrine Shop there are dozens of pets to find. Players can have one pet as their primary battle pet, with its own stats and skills which improve as they level up, and then six others to support it granting their own buffs. Pets can be both Evolved and Morphed to change them and make them more powerful.


There are various events unlocked as players level up, from the Magic Tower that allows heroes to battle through level after level of creatures to acquire essences and orbs for their own tower, or the World Overlords; enormous Bosses that spawn at certain times during the day. All players can attack the world bosses and gain points and prizes for killing them and dealing the most damage. There are PVP options depending on which server players join, with some servers allowing world PVP, as well as specified PVP events on normal PVE servers.


The game has lots of automation to help players in their day to day tasks, from the quest log every quest has a hyperlink that, when clicked, will automatically run the character to wherever they need to go for the quest, whether talking to a new NPC or heading to an area to kill enemies.

Many quests and events require a high number of enemies to be killed and so to ease the grind players can manually activate a customizable AFK mode. From the AFK Mode window players can define which nearby enemies they want to fight, what types of items to collect, what potions to use and when and a variety of other things. AFK Mode runs on acquirable AFK Time, which can be earned through a coupon or purchased with crystals, the games premium currency, and uses up this time each time a player goes AFK.

The AFK mode and auto-pathing are not full automation and characters will not automatically hand in and pick up new quests.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG

PLATFORM: Web Browser




Web Browser


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