League of Angels

League of Angels

LOA enter a fantasy free to play MMORPG that can be played directly in your internet browser with League of Angels. In the game you play the chosen one, a hero that is destined to fight the Dark Lord and end his reign of terror; along the way you will discover, rescue and recruit a number of angels to your side who will help you in battle.


-          Fantasy MMORPG with original setting and mix of real world lore

-          Automated Combat; arm your hero then let them unleash awesome powers

-          Gather up Angels and have them fight as companions by your side

-          Two classes to choose from: Mage and Warrior

-          Team Dungeons for group play

-          Free to Play

-          No client download


Play as either a battle hardened warrior or a destructive elemental mage, each class comes with their own unique artwork for both a male and female character and will change the types of attacks and defences that your hero is able to do in combat.


There are hundreds of quests to take on your journey across the land, fighting Demons, Gods and all manner of monsters to prove that you really are the hero that was prophesized. The game ensures that finding your next NPC in the quest chain or the location of your task is easy to find, the quick single click of link in your quest log your character will be automatically run to the necessary location meaning players don’t waste any time trying to find where they need to go.


Combat is completely automated in the game and consists of entering an instanced battle where you on the enemy take it in turns to exchange attacks until one side is defeated. The focus for the player is equipping their hero of the best gear and skills available and increasing their stats, as well as levelling up their angel companion who is a devastating force to be reckoned with. The player has no involvement once combat begins and the battle will automatically resolve itself.

After a key battle players are given a score for how well they did in the instance, this grade determines their reward and the amount of XP they achieve. Also players are able to turn over one of four cards the chance to win extra gold of various amounts or a single Astral Tear, the powerful item used to level up your Angels.


Every player is accompanied by a Guardian Angel, starting with the first angel you come across: Nocturna, however in your adventures players will come across other Angels who will join their side. Angels primarily join a hero in battle, using their own powerful attacks and buffing Halo power that benefits different members of a party.

Angels can be made more powerful and a variety of different ways typically bonding with it will increase its own XP so that it gains levels. Players can also use astral tears to quickly boost the abilities of any Angels in their party, or they can take advantage of the Aegis system, ancient breastplates that the Angels use in battle that can restore and upgrade them giving the angel improved buffs and skills. The Aegis revolve around the 12 zodiac constellations and there is a difference Aegis available for each one.


Players will gain rewards in forms of XP, gold and gear items whilst questing however there are multiple features that can be unlocked as players level up that regularly give extra items for continuing to play the game, locking in daily and other random prizes.

One of the other key features that will boost the player are unlocking Astrals, powerful components that will automatically boost a players stats, hit points and mana points as they increase in level.


 Players are able to buy a VIP subscription gives them a number of different benefits in the game that are unavailable to other players, such as having no cool downs, increased purchase’s, free Alchemy and improved access to the other game features that are limited to non-subscribing players.

Genre: Free to play Fantasy MMORPG

Platform: Web Browser

Developer: Uuzu



 Web Browser



2 Comments - "League of Angels"

  1. AlPal February 12, 2016 at 5:54 AM -

    another f2p browser game coming out of Asia.

    Translate: p2win, cookie cutter, unbalanced, wallet warrior game.

  2. Momo May 6, 2016 at 4:47 AM -

    I use Chrome and play on Facebook, but it crashes my laptop in under 5 minutes of gameplay. The first day I started playing I was on for a few hours no problem. I have good enough specs to run games like Dragon Nest with absolutely no issues, so I’m not sure why this game gives my laptop such trouble.

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