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A free-to-play MMORPG, Shaiya Phoenix is set in high fantasy where players will align themselves with one of two might factions and do battle against players and monsters alike in these brutal lands. Fighting for glory or rewards in solo play or as a group, players can earn new weapons and armor and become a force to be reckoned with in this harsh world.


-       PvP: Faction hierarchies, unlockable PvP titles and faction rankings

-       Raiding: More than 15 dungeons with a variety of monsters from dragons to demons

-       Guilds: Functioning guild management, guild rankings and guild housing

-       Auction Houses: Trade between other players using the central auction house hub

-       Difficulty Modes: With great challenges come great rewards, play in Ultimate mode with the risk of perma-death

-       Player Mounts: A variety of different mounts from unicorns, horses, tigers to even two-headed dragons

-       Blessing of the Goddess: Faction wide buffs that effect all your allies


The world of Shaiya was created by the Goddess Etain and by her hand the first races were born to it; the Thelaiosis, the Nordein and the Dumains. Unsatisfied by her own work the Nordein were cast back to the soil from where they came, but the Dumian would try to avoid a similar fate and managed to kill Etain, her soul torn in two, and in doing so Shaiya was thrown into turmoil and chaos where near all was destroyed.

Of the survivors the new races were born to the world; the Vail and the Elves, born from chaos these two would forever live in constant conflict. When Humans appeared in the lands they allied themselves to the Elves, but this joining was equally matched by the Nordein who returned from the soils as Deatheaters, aligning themselves with the Vail. From here the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fursy were created, these two mighty factions locked into an endless war fighting for the control of what was left of Shaiya.


The two factions in Shaiya Phoenix have two unique races available to each of them:

-       Alliance of Light:

  • Humans: a versatile race Humans are an adaptable people who strength can be found in both body and spirit making them ideal fighters and priests, complimenting the magic of the Elves.

  • Elves: methodical thinkers who hold order and discipline above all virtues. With monsters at their borders they are in a constant state of war with these beasts as well as their natural enemy; the Vail.

-       Union of Fury:

  • Nordein/Deatheaters: having a disdain towards high magic, inclusive of the Elves, the Deatheaters have aligned themselves with the Vail, their brutal, barbaric ways but strength of arms to their faction.

  • Vail: Intelligent and cunning, the Vail lack the physical strength of other races, but their potency in the mystical arts makes them a deadly foe in battle as they strive to constantly find a state of balance with their surroundings.


With each faction there are six different classes to choose from, each class shares very similar traits to its opposing faction counterpart:

-       Fighter/ Warrior: Using their wide range of skills and weapons the human Fighters and Nordein Warriors take to the frontline as a powerful melee combatants.

-       Ranger/ Assassin: Using deception and the art of stealth, Rangers and Assassins will ambush and evade their targets, either with their natural stealth, the Ranger able to disguise themselves as creatures of the wild.

-       Mage/ Pagan: The ultimate arcane wielders, capable of taking on groups of enemies up close or from range, they are able to harness the elements making them a devastating force of nature.

-       Archer/ Hunter: Using critical strikes from range with their bows and crossbows, the Archer is able to wound and hinder his enemies from a distance, or up close with a short sword if needed.

-       Defender/ Guardian: With heavy armor and shields the Defender puts himself in the way of attacks to take the damage meant for his allies, with high stamina and an increased vitality they have a number of blunt weapons at their disposal.

-       Priest/ Oracle: With a high resistance against magical attacks, the Priests and Oracles are able to call upon the powers to heal wounds, bring fallen comrades back from the dead and turn allies into powerful monsters and enemies into harmless creatures!


When a player has created their character choosing their name, gender, class and profession, with some customizable appearance options, they are then able to choose their difficulty setting like a typical single player game, which will alter their gameplay experience. These difficult settings range from Normal, the standard mode for those experience in MMORPGs, Hard setting where levelling requirements are difficult to attain, but status and skill bonuses are ramped up, to final Ultimate. Playing in Ultimate mode requires patience and skill and is only recommended for players looking for a real challenge, with increased difficulty the player has the added pain of permanent death/deletion if their character dies and is not resurrected within three minutes!


As well as duelling their own faction in friendly PvP bouts, players can take to PvP battlegrounds to fight against the opposing faction, competing against each other to control three different areas and gain ranks, stats, glory and gold, which is also determined by the choice of difficulty mode.

Visual indicators when fighting monsters makes PvE easier, the challenge/difficulty of a monster being easily identifiable by the colour of its ID ranging from white, which gives no XP, to pink, which gives XP in epic proportions.


A number of features have been improved with the original “Shaiya” that are worth mentioning, to better provide the player experience:

-       Initial early game quest NPCs have been better placed to aid new players starting out

-       A focused GS Team that creates special new player events, classes and other unique initiatives

-       Customer service team dedicated on helping out with any problems

-       Economy management team with new software offers 24/7 surveillance and security to monitor the game economy

And for those who are even more familiar with the original Shaiya, the following things have been changed:

  •         No Monthly Rebate

  •         No Max OJ’s

  •         No GM Enchants

  •         No gear that can be grinded will be sold

  •         No use of tiered, loot forge, loot wheel, free lootbox,,

  •         No sales of Swift or Stat Lapises

  •         No Bank teller NPC’s

  •         No Gold Bar Merchants

  •         All Items are sent to the In game “Gift Box”

  •         No Double-Kill bonuses, Enchanting bonuses, Linking bonuses

  •         In game item mall is non-operational

  •         Not connect to Linked Server.


OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
CPU: Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP, 1.5 GHz or faster
RAM: 1GB or more
HDD: at least 1.8 GB available space
Video Card: GeForce FX series or ATI Radeon 9600, 128 MB RAM or better
Sound Card: 16-bit, DirectX-compliant
DirectX: 9.0c or better


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