Star Conflict

Star Conflict

Developer: StarGem Inc.

Platform: Client


Star Conflict is a free-to-play dynamic space MMO action game that puts players at the helm of a space ship to fight in the star fleet’s massive battles. They will take command of various space ships and form powerful alliances to conquer their foes and space as they develop their abilities, establish specialised skills, and perfect their tactics.


Three thousand years after the first colonists left Earth, the galaxy is divided between the militant star empires and independent mercenary groups. In a remote corner of the galaxy – Sector 1337, the area of the dead – the ruins of a great civilization of Precursors have recently been discovered, causing mercenaries and adventurers to flock to the sector to sift through the ruins and loot its abandoned artefacts without considering the danger. Many of them, including members of well-armed expeditions, have disappeared but those who have managed to return have uncovered unprecedented riches. So looters continue to come to find the Precursors’ lost treasures and to fight for them.

With the galaxy on the brink of war and the Precursors’ legacy at stake, elite pilots will be in high demand.


- 3 sides of conflict, each divided into 2 factions

- 3 ship classes to choose from

- Instanced battles for dominance in space sectors

- Several PvP modes plus PvE missions

- Alien technology & huge variety of weapons

- Completely free-to-play


The game features three sides of conflict: the Empire, Federation and Jericho. Each side is divided into two factions, resulting in a total of six factions. They are all descendants of humankind, separated into tightly-knit communities by bitter conflicts.


The Empire is a huge war machine aiming at expanding the boundaries of the Emperor’s power. Due to their interest in military research, representatives of the Empire are equipped with the best offensive and defensive techniques. Proud and strong, loyal to the Emperor and ready to conquer the universe every day of the year, Imperials are one of the universe’s strongest factions.


Also known as the Alliance of Free Worlds, the Federation focuses on trade and doesn’t present any rigid power structure or clear hierarchy. Representatives of this faction bow to no one, but have paid for their freedom with centuries of bloody wars against the Empire. They are characterised by their desire for security, taste for moderate adventure, love of luxury, and exceptional nose for profit.


Descendants to people who were long ago banished from the Earth, Jericho are quite suspicious of and harsh toward strangers. Working hard to improve their technology, they are the most technically advanced faction that possesses superior weapons and modifies their bodies with complex implants to resolve various disadvantages of the physical human body.


The game offers three ship classes: light and fast interceptors, powerful fighters and well-defended frigates. Each class is able to carry out a specific role as they can be fitted with various modules appropriate for the corresponding roles: Recon, ECM, Gunship, etc. There is a specific module for each role which provides special abilities that make it easier for players to determine what course of action they want to choose on the battlefield.

Spaceship modules can be classified as follows:

Weaponry - basic types of primary weapons that can be installed: laser, energy, kinetic.

Rocket Compartment - determines how many and what types of missiles the ship can carry.

Shunting Engines - auxiliary engines that stabilise the ship in space and provide manoeuvrability.

Shield Generator - generates a power field that serves as a barrier between space and ship.

CPU - AI system that analyses the combat situation and synchronises the operation of other systems.

Main Module - defining feature of every class that specifies a unique type of behaviour.

Primary Combat Modules – enhancements systems that determine the ship’s role on the battlefield.

Hull - the structure of the ship, which determines its appearance, durability, and what other systems can be installed.

Energy Plant - the heart of the ship that generates energy for all weapons, modules, deflector shields and engines.

EA Emitters - electronic attack devices that serve for locating and tracking enemy spacecrafts on significant distances, as well as for disabling enemy beacons.

Booster - the main engine of the ship, has very low dependence on energy plant capabilities.

Afterburning Engines - auxiliary engines that provide significant acceleration, extremely energy-intensive.

Secondary Combat Modules - additional systems that improve parameters of a player’s spacecraft.


Mainly revolving around Player versus Player battles between two teams, the game provides various PvP game modes. There are also PvE missions, where players can group together to fight against AI-controlled enemies. And finally, there's a “Custom Battle” mode which provides players with tremendous opportunities for choosing the type of gameplay that suits them best.


Players start as a mercenary working for one of the sides of conflict. In order to break into the elite, it won’t be enough to buy a fancy ship. They will also have to find a ship role they are good at and equip it with the best modules. By fulfilling various contracts, players will earn faction loyalty. Pilots with high levels of loyalty get access to the best samples of weapons and modules. And of course, participating in many battles will hone their skills, allowing them to win against even better-equipped opponents.


Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows XP (SP3)/ Snow Leopard (10.6.X)

CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon II


HDD: 2 GB of free space

Video card: 512 MB NVidia / AMD Radeon / Intel with support for Pixel Shader 3.0, Intel 3000, 4000 (AMD Radeon X1000 not supported)

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Recommended specifications

OS: Windows 7 (x64)/ Mountain Lion (10.8.X)

CPU: 2.3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon64 X2 or better


HDD: 2 GB of free space or more

Video card: 1024 MB NVidia GeForce 650 / AMD Radeon HD 5750 / Intel 4000

Network: Broadband Internet connection


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