First Look at Star Conflict

We take some time out to play Gaijin Entertainment’s space third person spaceship shooter Star Conflict, a fast and fun free to play MMO that portals in the cockpit of our own futuristic fighter ship for some adrenaline pumping team based combat. With a quick and easy tutorial mode we were shone the basics of combat as well as point capturing to get us well-equipped and prepared the jumping into the game for some quick pick up and play battles.

With strong elements of individual ship customisation, a variety of different games and maps as well as an exclusive Corporation Battle/Guild warring type system the game offers a lot to players. Check out our video where we try out the two initially access of all game modes Team Battle and Domination and see how we got on!

If you want to know more about Star Conflict, click on the "info" button below.

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One Comment - "First Look at Star Conflict"

  1. f2phata October 8, 2014 at 11:53 AM -

    Meh, combat seems way too slow, make it fast like quake/unreal or i’ll fall asleep

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