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  • Star Conflict Introduces a Trading System
  •   Star Conflict has received a new content update introducing a trading system that allows players to earn Gold Standards (the premium currency) by selling rare items and resources to other players. Trading takes place through a special chat and internal mail. This system allows...
  • What Would You Change About… Star Conflict?
  • We’re asking “What Would You Change About… Star Conflict?” this time round as we head off to the uncharted space of Sector 1337 for a high flying, missile dodging, aerial space acrobatic shooter. The game has been around for some time and offers some exciting combat focused content,...
  • First Look at Star Conflict
  • We take some time out to play Gaijin Entertainment’s space third person spaceship shooter Star Conflict, a fast and fun free to play MMO that portals in the cockpit of our own futuristic fighter ship for some adrenaline pumping team based combat. With a quick and easy tutorial mode we were...


One Comment - "First Look at Star Conflict"

  1. f2phata 08/10/2014 at 11:53 -

    Meh, combat seems way too slow, make it fast like quake/unreal or i’ll fall asleep