New Evolution Ship Class in Star Conflict: Waz’Got

Star Conflict Free to Play Space Simulation
New Evolution Ship Class in Star Conflict: Waz'Got

Star Conflict receives today a new content update, "Engineer Evolved", introducing the third class of evolution ships, improvements to the in-game market and other minor features.

The new Waz'Got engineering frigate features the same degree of customizability of the previous evolution ships, which allows players to enjoy different ships in one. They can evolve the hull and equip it with a huge array of weapons and modules to match their preffered playstyle.

The main source of energy for the special modules are destroyed enemy and allied ships. The new frigate features very interesting modules, such as "Scavenger Drones", that allows the ship to collect remains and create drones that repair and attack.

Regarding the in-game market, all sell and buy orders for resources are now displayed on a special board that allows players to sort elements by item type and price.


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