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Crush Online



A free to play MMORPG with heavy MOBA influences to create a different genre of MMORPG, Crush Online has traditional RPG elements with players able to choose different classes as they play through a world of content completing quests, acquiring items and furthering the storyline. The MOBA elements can be found in both the combat style and the actual in-game MOBA features interspersed with the rest of the PVE and PVP content.


- Three classes
- MOBA-style controls
- PVP and PVE features
- Three way faction warfare
- Craft your own gear
- Free to play


The main premise of the game is an RPG, players will create and control their own character and navigate a huge fantasy realm that takes them between different planes as they battle for control over a huge continent. Completing quests players will level up and unlock new features whilst also growing more powerful; a customizable game players can tweak their abilities and their gear to create a character with varied playstyles. The core content focuses on world PVE and instanced based PVP matches that can be found around the world.


There are three classes to play, each has two or more weapons that they can switch between in battle which gives them different abilities and changes their utility in a battle or combat party:

The Guardian – A support role at heart, they can aid their allies from the back line with cannons or switch to a mace to be a front line tank defender and take the brunt of the damage

The Punisher – This assassin style class uses daggers and bows, able to switch between them to make them a long range killer or an up close DPS class with high critical strike rates

The Saint – With three weapons available their main focus is AoE damage and elements of control, using melee blades, ranged dual guns, or elemental wands to devastate their foes


As players level up their character they earn ability points that can be spent in a talent window to give their character passive boosts and benefits, from critical strike, improved armor or health, extra damage or ability power, and more. Gear plays a vital role in combat as players will earn it through quests, find it as loot and treasure, or craft it through the various NPCs, when equipped it grants its wearer stat boosts, however, players can spend earnt SP to enhance each individual piece of equipment to improve the tier of buffs that it gives.


The combat style and controls are very similar to traditional MOBA, players will move their character around the game using the mouse clicks and execute their abilities/attacks with the QWER keys, using up mana with each skill and putting each ability on various cooldowns. Players can quickly switch between their weapons using space bar, which then adds a different set of abilities to their QWER keys. With the top down viewpoint the game feels RPG/MOBA and moving around and targeting enemies is very simple.


The games open world is a huge map broken up into different regions, players can open this map with the M key and see the status of the continent as the three main factions in the game battle for control over it, with the different regions coloured in red, green or blue signifying which factions controls which location. Players can move around the open world and into these zones, whether controlled or being contested, and open up a battleground for any free players to fight in.

Battlegrounds take many shapes, from larger point capture mass battles, to smaller 3v3 MOBA style lane pushing matches, here players will see familiar MOBA gameplay as they push waves of minions down a lane, past enemy towers and try to destroy the core. Players can jump into these games when they are active and help each other, the victors can help gain control of that region for their faction and ultimately gain rewards for controlling more territories.


O/S: Windows XP
Video: Direct X 10 support
DirectX Version: 10


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