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  • Crush Online Goes Into Season 2
  • Crush Online Goes Into Season 2 Free to play MOBA meets MMORPG Crush Online enters Season 2 and introduces a new quest system, balancing changes and several new items. The game is seeing big changes with this new season. The new quest system offers daily, weekly and monthly quests....
  • Crush Online Enters Open Beta Today
  •   MOBA meets MMO Crush Online goes today into Open Beta. The game is now available in English, German, Polish and Turkish. Those who participated in the Closed Beta will be able to access using their previous login information. For this new phase, new quests has been added, and castle...
  • Crush Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway
  • Crush Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway   Crush Online will enter Closed Beta on June 29th and we are giving away keys in case you want to acess and try this new free to play MMO with MOBA gameplay mechanics and a persistent world. Follow the instructions below to get and reedem...


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