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A free to play MMORPG ArcheAge is a free to play sandbox MMORPG with a huge open world were players live, work, fight and trade. With high levels of PVE, PVP, Crafting and Trading, players can focus on a type of gameplay that they prefer and band together with other players to share their favourite pursuits.


- 120 Possible Classes
- 4 Unique Races
- Full crafting system with over 20 skills
- Travel by land, air and sea
- Own your own home and farm
- Fast paced PVE and PVP combat
- Free to play


The four races of the world are the Nuians and Elves that reside on the western continent; and the Firran and Harani that live in the east. It is more proximity than anything that brings an easy alliance between the inhabitants of each continent.

The Nuians are the dominant force, a spiritual folk they conquered the continent and fight to stay in power, whereas their reclusive Elven neighbours live in their quiet solitude amongst the forest, save when they are hunting down the most fearsome creatures as they seek out their own honourable death.

On the Eastern continent the Firran are a nomadic cat-like race that roam the wild lands, they are close to nature and strive to be the best in whatever they pursue, whereas the Harani focus on the home and family, as survivalists they seek to raise their new kingdom to rival the one they lost.


The game offers up a skill based system where players can choose their skill from 10 Skillsets, starting out with their initial Skillset and unlocking a second at level five and a third at level 10, creating 120 possible classes.

Furthermore players are not stuck to their choices and they can switch Skillsets in and out, levelling them independently, giving lots of customization and flexibility to experiment with different builds.

Some of the skillsets include:

Sorcery – using ranged area of effect spells player can decimate their enemies by harnessing fire, electricity and ice elements.

Vitalism – health and cure focused abilities to keep allies and companions protected, the strongest of practitioners even able to bring people back from the dead

Shadowplay – Using stealth and surprise attacks enables players to move unseen, strike with added bonuses, and evade their enemies

Some Skillsets have particular abilities that synergise with each other to create combos, such as enemies being slowed will typically take more damage from damage based abilities, whereas others allow instant casts of certain spells when used in conjunction with another ability.


The game offers more than just adventuring and fighting, players can seek to settle down and create their own homestead and even farmland to grow necessary resources that will help both themselves and their faction. Players must find a free piece of claimable land in order to place down their houses and farmland; once they do they can furnish it to their own desire, creating anything from workshops to taverns for adventurers and locals to gather in.

Players can seek out their own trade partners, head to new lands to find the rarest resources, or take on quests that will take them in harm’s way across the land, air and sea. Players can own their own fishing boats, caravels and even Galleons as they travel and battle across the ocean, or they can fly through the sky on personal gliders


There are over twenty crafting and gathering Proficiencies currently in the game, ranging from resource gathering skills such as mining, logging, fishing, etc, which will give players the natural resources needed to craft through Tailoring, Metalwork, Masonry and other skills, able to create a wide variety of weapons, consumables, buildings, furniture and more.

Outside of the typical Proficiencies players can also try their hand at unique skills such as Composition, allowing players to create and play music compositions, Larceny where players can steal from coinpurses, or players’ crops and livestock from their farms.

Players can raise up all their Proficiencies to a certain level, but from then on to raise them higher only a handful can be raised to the next tier, even fewer beyond that, and so on, so that players must choose two full specializations that they can max out.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG




O/S: Windows Visata SP1, Windows 7 SP 1, Windows 8, Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo or higher
HDD: 30 GB
Video: Requires 1024MB video memory


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  1. Bobby October 25, 2014 at 9:52 PM -

    I wouldn’t even bother with this game. It’s only been released for less than a week and it’s already overrun by bots.

    You also have a bigger advantage if you’re cashing out real money for stuff. If you’re a patron, you get 10 labor points every 5 minutes, compared to 5 of nonpatron. The game itself is extremely fun but the bots and pay2win status have ruined the game.

  2. Sinisa August 25, 2015 at 12:57 PM -


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