First Look at ArcheAge with Commentary


Time to take a look at the new fantasy-based sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge, published by Trion Worlds in the West.

The game takes players into a fantasy world of conflict, magic and monsters were players can choose from four unique races and build up their own custom-made classes through a choice of different accessible skill sets.

This free to play MMO is currently in closed beta testing but already it looks to be extremely promising with extensive action packed later game features such as huge scale PVP battles, player housing and even naval combat.

For our first look we created our own catlike Firra race using the pleasantly surprising character customisation options and stepping out into the world to see what the game was all about. Check out the video where you will see 40 minutes of gameplay and some quick character customisation options from this exciting new MMORPG.

ArcheAge Review for team - First Look Video for ArcheAge


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