Game of Emperors

Game of Emperors

Game of Emperors is a Free to play and accessible via Internet browser, Game of Emperors is an MMO where players step into a world of rival medieval Empires where they must fight against each other for supremacy over the server earning points to then improve their rank. Focusing on strategy gameplay players must manage their time and resources and try to expand their borders through conquest as they train up an army of soldiers.


- Rule your own land
- Construct dozens of buildings
- Research new technologies
- Train and command a powerful al army
- Manage resources
- Battle against other players
- Free to play
- Browser gameplay


The game focuses on players managing their time and resources as they try to advance their city and their people by constructing buildings, researching new technologies and training up an army of soldiers to defend their Empire and expand. With various actions in the game taking anything from a few seconds to a few hours to complete players are able to keep progressing even when they are offline.


Players have a few different types of resources that they must acquire and manage:

Production Resources - These mostly consist of Wood (from the Lumber Yard), Iron (from the Iron Mine) and Stone (from the Stone Quarry), and are the basic building blocks of all the structures players can create in their city as well upgrading these buildings. These resources are also requirements for learning new technologies that will help advance an Empire as well as for training new military units

Gold - Used in the same way that Production Resources are used, however, Gold is also used for ongoing maintenance costs with all buildings and units that exist in the Empire, the bigger the Empire and the more buildings/upgrades and units there are then the higher the costs become. Gold can be acquired from the player's populous through taxes where players can set the income they receive from their people (though they must balance this with the unhappiness that it creates)

Diamonds - The Premium currency for the game, it allows players to rush various queued actions such as constructing buildings, and allows players to purchase missing resources; they can be earned in the game through levelling up and attaining high ranks, but more often they are purchased with real world cash

Time - Whilst not an acquired resource in the game players must learn to manage their own time efficiently, with every construction, unit trained, upgrade or tech researched taking seconds, minutes or even hours to complete, players must plan ahead with what tasks have a higher priority


There are five core units available to train in the game, with some having different variations:

Infantry - Light and Heavy Swordsmen as well as Guardians make up for the bulk of the offensive infantry units, ideal for attacking rival player's fortifications, though the Guardian is ideal for protecting other infantry units. Light and Heavy Spearmen and the Phalanx are the ideal defensive units, put to work alongside the players own fortifications when defending a location; Phalanx in particular are used to defend from Cavalry attacks.

Archers - Light, Heavy and Elite Archers, all have a similar role as either offensive or defensive units; they are devastating at range but any army with an abundance of Swordsmen will make light work of them.

Cavalry - Light and Heavy Cavalry as well as Paladins, these mounted units will decimate swordsman and archers if they get close enough, but are weak to spearmen.

Siege - Battering Rams, Catapults, Ballistae and Trebuchet make up the perfect units for smashing down an enemie’s defenses and collapsing their walls. Players can also create a Supply Wagon that allows them to bring more supplies back from a successful raid.

Spies - A special unit used for conducting espionage, taking on spy missions to see what rival players and AI are up to, what their defenses look like, and whether they are a target ripe for picking!

The players' strategy consists of assembling an army that can combat their opponents, whether an offensive force to attack rival fortresses, or one that can defend against other aggressive players. Using spies to gather intel players can mix and match their army to ensure they cover as many vulnerabilities as possible and can try to exploit those of their opponents.


Internet browser

GENRE: F2P Castle Building Strategy MMO
PLATFORM: Internet Browsers
DEVELOPER: Imperia Online


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