Lords & Knights is an innovative free-to-play strategy building MMO

Lords & Knights

Lords & Knights

Lords & Knights is an innovative free-to-play strategy building MMO in a medieval setting that can directly be played in any web browser, iOS and Android devices as well as on mobile iOS and Android devices. Players strive to become the leader of a huge empire and have to assemble a powerful army of different fearless units for that purpose. They will experience thrilling battles against thousands of other players and build a magnificent medieval kingdom. Lords and Knight Cross-platform MMORTS Free to Play Game.


- Develop a dilapidated village into a thriving empire

- Gather resources and manage your growing settlement

- Set up a tremendous army to engage in PvP battles against others

- Do research and complete exiting missions

- Forge alliances with other players

- Join a helpful and active community

- No download required

- Completely free-to-play


Players inherit a settlement that desperately needs their help as poor crops and deadbeat buildings led the citizens to flee. It is not enough that the fortifications are in ruins, the warriors are also nothing but a bunch of cowards. These warriors wait for a leader and the settlement to be transformed into a mighty empire.


To lay the foundation for an aspiring and growing settlement, players will build up a rich resource production. They have to always keep an eye on the stores, making sure to keep them filled, as full stores and hardworking citizens allow them to build a magnificent empire in all respects and increase their reputation among the lords.


On the player’s way to becoming the leader of a huge kingdom, a large and powerful army is indispensable. Players can choose between many different types of troops to recruit, such as archers, armoured horsemen, swordsmen, etc. Each military unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. While sending the most fearless and fierce warriors to plunder or conquer enemy settlements, players mustn’t forget about defending their own settlements though.


In order to progress, players will gather their scientists in the large library and have them research various technologies. Developing technologies enables their empire to grow faster and allows their army to gear up with more advanced machinery for the battle. However, they have to adjust their researches wisely to suit their particular priorities and needs.


Lords & Knights allows players to team up with friends and other lords from all over the world to form powerful alliances in order to explore and conquer the medieval world together. They may compete in fierce conquering campaigns together and support each other in dicey defensive battles. Using a wide array of tactical und strategic possibilities, they are even able to turn around the most hopeless battles and combat situations.


Players are able to send their scouts and warriors to complete exciting and adventurous missions such as going hunting or banishing robbers roving around the territory. They can also give lucrative special tasks to their adjutants and citizens. There are moreover a whole lot of others things to do; players can host glorious castle festivals or market days and assist other citizens in gaining resources to provide order and wealth throughout their medieval world.


Web browser, Mobile devices iOS, Android

Developer: Xyrality

Platform: iOS, Android and Browser


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