New World Empires

New World Empires

New World Empires

New World Empires is a free-to-play browser MMO strategy (MMORTS) is set at the beginning of the 19th Century, at the dawn of a new age of colonization; all across Europe the various powers turn excited and greedy eyes to new lands and the world is a boiling pot on the verge of all-out war. Take control of one of the dozens of historically accurate regions, build up your realm, train your army, and decide where to focus your resources to advance military, economy and more as you challenge other players.


- Rule your own country and wage war on Europe
- Discover and colonize new lands
- Run your provinces and manage resources
- Train up your military and use espionage on your rivals
- 150+ technologies to research
- End game victory conditions
- Web based gameplay
- Free to play


New World Empires is a strategy game of ultimate domination, players will each start off with their own country made up of multiple provinces which are the bedrock of their realm, providing much needed resources to construct buildings within each town or city, train up units and advance your land. The game focuses on player versus player combat with all rival players having the same ultimate goal of trying to take over Europe (or as much of it as possible) before the game ends and a winner is declared.

The pace of the game is what defines it from many strategy games; it can take hours and even days to train up a unit and move them to other areas of the map, or research technologies and construct new buildings. Whilst resource management is a key factor of the game so is time management and players must learn to plan ahead before sending units out on distant missions.


When players join a game they are put into a new world map with other players, filling AI spots as each new player joins; the game last around 60 days at which point one player will win that world. To win the game players must try to earn the most victory points, these are earned by taking control of cities and towns, each of which is worth a set number of points when under a players control (capitals being worth vastly more points); whoever has the most victory points by either controlling the most territories or the most influential cities, will be the winner.


There are multiple ways to advance your people through the tech tree, by researching new technologies players will gain access to a variety of new buildings and armed units, unlocking new technologies takes time and technology tiers are staggered across the duration of the game. Players are only able to research tier two technologies from day 6, tier three technologies from day 12, and so on, ensuring players cannot make a beeline to an end game tech and getting access to overpowered endgame units too early into the match.


Fielding an army is an expensive affair, the initial cost of training a unit as well as the ongoing maintenance to keep it running means that players must balance their economy with their military needs. As players increase their army and attack and conquer new provinces this will give them extra resources and the ability to construct more economy buildings to support their growing empire and army.

Units come in all shapes and sizes, primarily cavalry, infantry and artillery as the primary types, but other units are necessary such as various ships, spies to see what forces your rival has or instigating unrest to lower a cities morale (in turn lowering its production), or explorers and colonists to seek out and settle new land.


Combat primarily consists of choosing your forces that you wish to make an attack and targeting either a location or an enemy unit, it takes hours and days to reach the location depending on how far away it is. Once there the units, and whatever reinforcements that may have arrived, battle in automated combat worked out by the game itself. There are various factors that come into play to determine who will win in a battle such as defensive terrain, unit types and levels, army composition, and unit morale (the same as city morale that reduces a units effectiveness in combat).


Web Browser

GENRE: Free to play MMO Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser


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