Shakes & Fidget

GENRE: Free to play Hero RPG
PLATFORM: Windows, Android App, iOS App, Browser
DEVELOPER: Playa Games


A free to play fantasy adventure, Shakes & Fidget is a medieval RPG that focuses on players building up their own uniquely designed hero and adventuring through a dangerous world of incredible beasts. Take on daring quests, acquire powerful items, improve your training, build a fortress and compete against players from around the world in this cross platform MMO.


- Three classes
- Eight races
- PVE and PVP Combat
- Hundreds of items to earn and improve your character
- Build a fortress
- Fantastic comic book graphics
- Multi-platform
- Free to play


The core gameplay revolves around building up your hero to make them as strong as you can and ultimately try to top the games “Hall of Fame” leaderboard as you compete against other players. There are multiple features in place to improve your character that focus on increasing your stats to make you more powerful in combat.

The game is a casual MMO with some story driven elements through the different quests, with time based restrictions players will find themselves playing the game in bursts then leaving to come back and play again leaving their character to do different automated AFK tasks when offline.


The first thing players are tasked with is building the character that will be their up and coming hero, choosing from three classes (Scout, Mage or Warrior) determines what your starting stats are and the types of gear you will wear. Similarly your race (Demon, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Dark Elf, Goblin, Gnome or Human) increases some stats and decreases others, but also determines the look of your character where players can change around the cosmetic features of their character avatar to make their own unique hero.


There are five different stats in the game that players must work to increase, players get to manage their stats and gear to improve the particular stats they want to, making their character strong in some areas and weaker in others, or being completely balanced with an even spread.

Strength – Ideal for warrior’s attacks and defense against warriors

Intelligence – Ideal for mage’s attacks and defense against mages

Dexterity – Ideal for scout’s attacks and defense against scouts, as well as increasing players dodge evasion

Constitution – Increases the number of hitpoints a hero has

Luck – Increases the chance of landing critical hits in combat

Whilst stats can be increased by spending coins, they are primarily improved by acquiring powerful items to equip in the ten different character gear slots; items give different stat bonuses (and usually debuffs in other stats) and sometimes come with extra perks to help players. Heroes must constantly upgrade their gear to stay competitive against the PVE and PVP content.


This is the place to try out PVP and compete against other players; combat (as with PVE) is automated and once a challenge has been declared the two characters will begin exchanging blows based off their stats, and the AI will determine the winner from that. Winning matches earns honor and ultimately rewards for those that climb up to the top of the PVP Ranking ladder.


Questing is the primary way to unlock new items, earn XP and gain coin to buy gear; heading over to the Tavern players can speak with different characters to get quests from them. Each quest takes time to complete, the Duration of a quest can be anything from minutes to hours for high end quests and player’s characters cannot do anything else during that time, but the longer the Duration the greater the challenge and ultimately the reward. Players can speed up the duration it takes to travel to a quest by acquiring a mount or hiring one from the Stable vendor.

Dungeons work in a similar fashion but offer an even higher level of challenge, there are 14 dungeons in total that players can try and beat, fighting their way through them to defeat the boss, however to access each dungeon they must acquire the relevant key from the player quests.


Web Browser
Windows XP (Steam)
iOS or Android App


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