F2P Reviews

First Impressions on Imperial Hero 2 ()
02/03/2016 -

  Developers Imperia Online Ltd. have just released a new browser based free to play fantasy hero building RPG, Imperial… More »

First Impressions on Atlas Reactor ()
24/02/2016 -

  We got the chance to check out this week the new tactical team focused MMO from Trion Worlds, Atlas… More »

First Impressions on HEX’s PvE: Chronicles of Entrath ()
22/02/2016 -

  The guys over at Hex Entertainment have just launched their long awaited PVE campaign for their trading card game… More »

First Impressions on SkySaga ()
10/02/2016 -

  SkySaga is a new soon-to-be-released free to play sandbox developed by Radiant World. A new phase of Alpha testing… More »

First Impressions on Winning Putt ()
04/02/2016 -

By: David Puig  We got the chance to check out the open beta of Namco-Bandai’s new golf game Winning Putt… More »

First Impressions on Elsword ()
03/02/2016 -

  We recently took some time out to look over the fantasy manga MMORPG Elsword. The game received a huge… More »

First Impressions on Guardians of Divinity ()
27/01/2016 -

Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D.) is a new Asian developed MMORPG for web browsers that has just entered Closed Beta for… More »

First Impressions on Clash of Avatars ()
26/01/2016 -

Clash of Avatars is the new browser-based RPG game by AMZGame. It went recently into open Alpha, so we took… More »

First Impressions on Blade & Soul ()
20/01/2016 -

Blade & Soul from NCSOFT was released this week, so we jumped in to check it out, having seen the… More »

Tribes: Ascend Review ()
08/01/2016 -

After our break for the holidays we had the pleasure of checking out Tribes: Ascend from Hi-Rez Studios for our… More »

First Impressions on Abyss Dark Arisen ()
02/12/2015 -

This weekend we spent some time trying out the third closed beta of Abyss: Dark Arisen from NGames. It’s an… More »

Farmerama Review ()
30/11/2015 -

Farmerama Review This past weekend we decided to dip into Farmerama from Bigpoint. Having been aware of the game for… More »

First Impressions on Paladins ()
23/11/2015 -

We got the chance to check out Paladins, the new first person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios (Tribes: Ascend, Smite) that… More »

Forsaken World Review ()
18/11/2015 -

Forsaken World is a fantasy MMORPG published by Perfect World Entertainment that has been around for quite a few years… More »

Warframe ()
13/11/2015 -

We checked out the fast paced third person space shooter Warframe this week. Whilst we’re obviously well aware of the… More »

First impressions on ASTA ()
11/11/2015 -

We got a chance to test out the initial beta of ASTA, the new MMORPG from Webzen, a traditional fantasy… More »

Aion ()
04/11/2015 -

Having played hundreds of different MMOs over the years and quite a few new and old MMORPGs, Aion (released in… More »

First Impressions on Devilian ()
02/11/2015 -

We were invited to the closed beta testing of Devilian recently, the free to play action RPG from Trion Worlds…. More »

First Impressions on ELOA ()
29/10/2015 -

Last week we got the chance to check out ELOA (Elite Lord of Alliance) during its “initial beta” (closed beta)…. More »

World of Warships ()
27/10/2015 -

World of WarShips Review – WoWS Review World of Warships has cropped back up on our radar, having not played… More »

First Impressions on Dragomon Hunter ()
26/10/2015 -

  We got the chance to check out the new free to play MMORPG from Aeria Games: Dragomon Hunter; having just… More »

Legends of Honor Review ()
21/10/2015 -

This week we took out some time to play Legends of Honor from Goodgame Studios, a free to play browser… More »

First Impressions on Closers ()
13/10/2015 -

Recently we checked out En Masse’s Closers, the new free to play imported 3D platform brawler MMO game. During an… More »

One Piece Online 2: Pirate King ()
13/10/2015 -

This past weekend we checked out One Piece Online 2: Pirate King, the free to player browser RPG from Joy… More »