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First Impressions Clash of Avatars
First Impressions Clash of Avatars ()
January 26, 2010 -

First Impressions Clash of Avatars Clash of Avatars is the new browser-based RPG game by AMZGame. It went recently into… More »

Heroes of the Banner Review
Heroes of the Banner Review ()
January 14, 2010 -

Heroes of the Banner Review   This week we took time out to try out the free to play tower… More »

Loadout ()
January 11, 2010 -

Loadout We’ve recently had the opportunity to participate in the Closed Beta testing of Loadout, the new wicked free-to-play 3rd… More »

GameGlobe ()
January 9, 2010 -

GameGlobe Our team had the chance to play with the new platform Gameglobe and now we want to let you… More »

Tribes: Ascend Review
Tribes: Ascend Review ()
January 8, 2010 -

Tribes: Ascend Review After our break for the holidays we had the pleasure of checking out Tribes: Ascend from Hi-Rez… More »

Firefall ()
January 8, 2010 -

Firefall By: David Puig Rojas Red 5 Studios gave us the opportunity to try the closed beta of its upcoming… More »

Nova Genesis Alpha Preview
Nova Genesis Alpha Preview ()
January 7, 2010 -

Nova Genesis Alpha Preview   We got the chance recently to try out the new MMORPG fantasy themed from developers… More »

Battlestar Galactica Online Review ()
September 8, 2006 -

Battlestar Galactica Online Review If you are a sci-fi addict or if you just like good TV series’, chances are… More »

First Impressions on Elysian War ()
September 6, 0201 -

First Impressions on Elysian War. We recently checked out the beta of AMZGame’s free to play strategy title Elysian War, a… More »