F2P Reviews

World of Fishing ()
04/08/2015 -

Recently we took out a little time to give a little more time and attention to World of Fishing from… More »

Duelyst Beta First Impressions ()
03/08/2015 -

  This weekend we checked out the new MMO Duelyst currently in beta, a combination of card collecting game /TCG meets… More »

Vindictus Review ()
28/07/2015 -

  Recently we checked out the fantasy meets steam-punk esq free to play MMORPG Vindictus from Nexon, a blend of… More »

Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) Review ()
20/07/2015 -

    Recently the free to play 3D MMORPG Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) went into open beta with a… More »

Nords Review ()
10/07/2015 -

  This week we took some time out to check out the new free to play RPG strategy from Plarium… More »

Dirty Bomb Review ()
06/07/2015 -

  This past weekend we played the new open beta of Nexon’ new FPS Dirty Bomb. Available through steam and… More »

Games of Glory Review ()
03/07/2015 -

  We were recently provided with an Early Access account for new sci-fi free to play MOBA Games of Glory,… More »

Cabal 2 Review ()
02/07/2015 -

  Cabal 2 has just gone into open beta and we were fortunate enough to be given a Founders Pack… More »

Call of War Review ()
30/06/2015 -

  This week we took a little time out to check the new browser-based strategy game Call of War from Bytro Labs,… More »

Armored Warfare Closed Beta Review ()
19/06/2015 -

By: David Puig Just recently Armored Warfare, the future free to play modern tank shooter from Obsidian Entertainment and published… More »

Total War: Arena Alpha Review ()
11/06/2015 -

  This week we got the chance to check out the current Alpha version of new free to play RTS… More »

Stormfall: Age of War Review ()
09/06/2015 -

  This week we did an extensive review of Stormfall: Age of War from Plarium, a free to play browser-based… More »

Supernova Alpha Review ()
05/06/2015 -

  This week we took a little extended time to check the new Alpha stage MOBA from Namco Bandai, Supernova,… More »

Heroes of the Storm Review ()
29/05/2015 -

  For our review of Blizzard’s new MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, we took out quite a few hours to… More »

First Impressions on Gwent ()
29/05/2015 -

We jumped into the open beta of CD Projekt Red’s newest title, a free to play card collecting game called… More »

Soldiers Inc Review ()
26/05/2015 -

  This week we played Plarium’s Soldiers Inc, a free to play browser-based strategy MMO that focuses on resource gathering,… More »

Piercing Blow Review ()
15/05/2015 -

  This week we played Piercing Blow, published by Zepetto, a free to play MMOFPS with a classic/retro feeling to… More »

Truck Nation Review ()
14/05/2015 -

  This past weekend we checked out Truck Nation, the new strategy MMO title from Travian Games & Bright Future,… More »

Echo of Soul Closed Beta Review ()
08/05/2015 -

  This week we did a play through of new fantasy MMORPG Echo of Soul, a free to play game… More »

Animal Jam Review ()
05/05/2015 -

  Recently we took out a little time to give a more extensive play through of Animal Jam, a browser-based… More »

Game of Thrones: Ascent Review ()
04/05/2015 -

  This weekend we tried out a more extensive play through of free to play browser RPG Game of Thrones:… More »

Total Domination Review ()
30/04/2015 -

  This week we took out a little time to do an extended test run of Total Domination from Plarium,… More »

Stronghold Kingdoms Review ()
28/04/2015 -

  We took an extended look at Stronghold Kingdoms from Firefly Studios, a free to play mediaeval Empire building strategy… More »

Chaos Review ()
23/04/2015 -

  We took a little time out of our busy schedule to try a more extensive play through of Chaos… More »