Free to play games

Battlemons () ( )

Developer: Travian Games GmbH Platform: Internet browsers SYNOPSIS Battlemons is a free-to-play casual MMO developed by Travian Games that can directly be played in your favourite internet browser. Players will… More »

Angel’s Wrath () ( )

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: LeKool OVERVIEW Angel’s Wrath is a browser-based free to play MMO RPG where players can adventure across a fantasy realm playing… More »

Roger & Out () ( )

Developer: Travian Games GmbH Platform: Internet browsers SYNOPSIS Roger & Out is a free-to-play browser-based strategy RPG game developed by Travian Games. With its humorous approach and various references to… More »

Imperion () ( )

Developer: Travian Games GmbH Platform: internet browser SYNOPSIS Imperion is a free-to-play browser-based Science-Fiction strategy MMO focusing on construction and resource management. It features detailed graphics and an immersive gameplay,… More »

Wewaii () ( )

GENRE: Free to play MMO Strategy PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: TG Nord OVERVIEW Build your own successful hotel resort in sunkissed lands of Wewaii, a tropical paradise that will challenge… More »

Navy Field 2 () ( )

Developer: SDEnterNet Platform: Internet browser SYNOPSIS Successor to the 2007 released naval tactical game NavyField, NavyField 2 is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Tactical Simulation Game (MMOTSG) featuring 4 different… More »

Star Wars Attack Squadrons () ( )

GENRE: Free to play Space Shooter MMO PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Area 52/Disney Interactive OVERVIEW In Star Wars: Attack Squadrons players will be able to embark in epic space dogfights… More »

Rise of Europe () ( )

Developer: Travian Games Platform: PC SYNOPSIS Rise of Europe is a free to play browser-based game set in the Renaissance of Europe. Players strive to become the dominant force of… More »

Global Soccer () ( )

  GENRE: Free to play Soccer MMORPG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Firekom Studio OVERVIEW global soccer is a football themed free to play MMORPG where players can build up their own… More »

Topia Island () ( )

Developer: Bytro Labs Platform: internet browsers SYNOPSIS Topia Island is a casual browser game developed by Bytro Labs. The game combines social elements with aspects from the real-time strategy and… More »

GunZ () ( )

PLATFORM Windows DEVELOPER MAIET Entertainment SYNOPSIS Explore GunZ, a sci-fantasy free to play MMO third person shooter that give you total control of your characters movement, climb walls and perform… More »

Lime Odyssey () ( )

Developer: Sirius Entertainment Platform: Windows SYNOPSIS Lime Odyssey is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG with anime inspired graphics where players choose from 3 distinct races, as well as from different… More »

Arctic Combat () ( )

Developer: Webzen Platform: Windows SYNOPSIS Set amidst the chaos of World War III, Arctic Combat is a MMOFPS with realistic warzone effects and battles based on team/clan strategic gameplay. Involving… More »

Remnant Knights () ( )

  Genre: Free to play Action MMORPG Platforms: Windows Developed By: Game Samba  Overview Step into a fantastic world in this anime themed MMO RPG and adventure through a storyline… More »

Asda Story () ( )

DEVELOPED BY: MaxOn Soft Corp PLATFORM: Windows SYNOPSIS Asda Story uses cute proportionally divided into 5 ways characters in full 3D MMORPG. Based on a colorful, bright, and cheerful world,… More »

Kartuga () ( )

Developer: Ticking Bomb Games Platform: internet browser SYNOPSIS Kartuga is a pirate-themed action MMO that can be played in any major browser. This free-to-play title featuring beautiful 3D-environments and a… More »

Goblin Keeper () ( )

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO Platform: Web Browser Developed By: Night Owl Games  Overview Step into the shoes of a struggling overlord simply on a journey of world domination,… More »

BigHead Bash () ( )

Developer SpicyHorse Studios Platform Internet browser Overview set in a world of collectable toys that fight each other, players can take to the battlefield in real-time battles with a whole… More »

BasketDudes () ( )

Genre: Free to play Basketball MMO Platform: Windows / Mac / Web Developer: Bitoon Games Overview BasketDudes this is a free to play 3-D basketball MMO that mixes arcade style… More »

The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age () ( )

DEVELOPER: Kabam PLATFORM: Internet browsers SYNOPSIS The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age is a free-to-play browser-based real time strategy online game based on the popular The Hobbit trilogy. Players… More »

World of the Living Dead () ( )

DEVELOPER: Ballardia PLATFORM: PC, Mac, Linux SYNOPSIS World of the Living Dead (WotLD) is a Javascript and text-based massively-multiplayer zombie game which features strategy gameplay and life or death resource… More »

Dynastica () ( )

  DEVELOPED BY – Dynastica Ltd. PLATFORM – Multi SYNOPSIS Dynastica is a free to play 3D real time strategy game set in an exciting fantasy world where you have… More »

The Division () ( )

*Pay to play model GAME TYPE: Online Third Person Shooter MMO Platforms: Windows / Console Developers: Ubisoft OVERVIEW In The Division players take the role of a crisis agent sent… More »

Monster Madness Online () ( )

GENRE: Free to play Shooter MMORPG PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / Linux / Browser / Android / iOS DEVELOPER: Trendy Entertainment / Nom Nom Games OVERVIEW Monster Madness Online is… More »