Heva Clonia Online


Developer: Play Busters
Platform: PC


Set in a 3D fantasy world, Heva Clonia Online (HCO) is a free-to-play casual adventure MMORPG delivering non-stop action through quests and episodes, including co-op dungeons, group adventures, and more. Players will be able to evolve super powers with job evolutions, visit various towns and worlds, create clones of fantastic monsters to add them to their collection of unique pets, and meet new friends.


- Multiple unique towns & worlds
- Dual-player co-op dungeons & time-based monster dungeons
- Pet creation by cloning in-game monsters
- Specific quests for team play
- Guild PvP, battles & stages
- Campain Mode
- Mini-games
- Barter & trading
- Job evolution
- Completely free-to-play


In Heva Clonia Online, players will start out as one class, later being able to progress to a variety of classes as they level up. At level 10, novices will develop into one of the following classes:

The Warrior’s advanced classes (available at level 30) are Knight and Berserker. Knights will advance to Royal Knights at level 50, while Berserker will become Bloodias.

The Hunter’s advanced classes are Archer and Assassin. Archers will advance to Storm Rangers; Assassins will develop into Dark Stalkers.

The Magician’s advanced classes are Sorcerer and Cleric. Sorcerers will turn into Arch Mages at level 50, while Clerics will advance to Bishops.

The Summoner class won’t be available at launch though but added with a future update. There’s no further information available yet.
Moreover, job evolutions allow characters to gain super powers.


Players are encouraged to collect a huge selection of unique pets as they are enabled to clone every creature they come across in game. Through cloning, monsters loose their aggressiveness towards the player and can be tamed and trained. They will level up individually.

These clones not only become a player's pet, but their faithful companion as well as they battle powerful monsters and complete challenging quests together.


The game features a combo-based combat system that incorporates the cloned pets the players have created to assist in combat. The PvP will rely on skill, with an edge for players who have acquired the rarest of weapon drops. Auto-attack will be possible, but won’t be as efficient as manually attacking and positioning your character.
Players can also participate in large-scale guild PvP, pet PvP as well as guild raids.


Heva Clonia Online allows players to choose between controlling their characters via keyboard and mouse or gamepad.




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