MAIET Entertainment


Explore GunZ, a sci-fantasy free to play MMO third person shooter that give you total control of your characters movement, climb walls and perform amazing acrobatic feats.


-       3D Environment: Full 3D environment where fighting takes place on the ground, walls, status and columns creating a chaotic and exciting battle offering exceptional strategic play

-       Customization: Various character customization options and item slots allow you to completely customize your character avatar, with your 12 slots you can change all your clothing and accessories to your tastes

-       Weapons: Choose from dual wield guns, rifles, pistols and a selection of melee weapons, that come in all shapes, colours and sizes to match the look you have created for your character

-       Fast Paced: Full character freedom, the ability to run up vertical walls and do incredible acrobatics makes you feel like your favourite hero from books and films

-       New Content: With regular daily expansions and updates, GunZ is an action with a roleplaying twist where this content is regular expanded and not just offering the same levelling opportunities seen in other games


After the decades of war between the Axium Empire and the Republic of Travia a truce has established a time of peace and prosperity, but above all it is an exciting time of adventure as treasure seekers and explorers begin to cross these two nations borders in search of fame and fortune.

Making a living from looting and plundering the gains of these two civilizations the group of rebels that have formed in the wild live outside the law, labelled criminals by both the Republic and the Empire, they simply see themselves as anarchists doing what it takes to survive.

As more and more people begun to find their own dormant unexplored magical powers, many are turning to a life of adventure and breaking out from the confines of these two mighty nations.


Play in the coop mode with friends and other players on a smaller scale of one of the games maps as you try to complete new common objectives, all the while the main games objective staying the same: kill every monster on a map to unlock the next stage.


Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
DirectX 9.0c+
Pentium III 500 MHz
256 MB RAM
Video Direct3D 9.0


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