GENRE: Free to play MMO Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Build your own successful hotel resort in sunkissed lands of Wewaii, a tropical paradise that will challenge players strategy as they must keep an eye on guests and holiday goers and dealing with their wishes. The high level of design flexibility and hotel/resort customisation players have full control in this browser-based free to play MMO.


- Build your own hotel/resort complete with colour customisation to your own taste

- Rate other peoples hotels and watch as they and NPC tourists rate yours

- Specialise in various skills and unlock new objects

- Chat and play with other players from all across the world

- Play directly in your Internet browser

- Completely free to play


Players have the full customisation to build their holiday paradise, individually placing each building, plants and decoration across their available grounds. Players can individually rotate and colour their items and change the style to fit the scene and vision they are aiming for to make their little piece of paradise completely unique.


As the hotel manager your main purpose is to keep your tourists on guests happy. Players are able to independently select the tourists they would like to spend time at the resort from a reservation list or even picking them up at the airport the sooner they get off the plane. Each guest has their own personality with their own interests, desires and dislikes. Watch as they move around your grounds and interact with their environment, but keep an eye on them to make sure they’re having a good time!


What you advertise to your guests and the amount of wishes you can fulfil based on the attractions you have to offer, quality and variety of buildings or even the service of your staff and price of your items. The more wishes that you are able to fulfil for your guests, the happier your guests will be and the higher your hotel will be rated by them.

By gaining XP and increasing your level players are able to unlock abilities and construction projects or even specialise their hotel. My expanding your grounds to build elaborate parks and attractions players unlock achievements that will further increase their rating.


Players are able to work cooperatively with each other in the game, rating each other’s hotels and providing gift items that will help improve their hotel. The game comes complete with an integrated chat feature, but players can also add that extra quirky personal touch by every so often writing each other a postcard!


Web Browser


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