Angel’s Wrath

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Angel’s Wrath is a browser-based free to play MMO RPG where players can adventure across a fantasy realm playing as one of four different classes: Archer, Monk, Dancer or Berserker. Players have access to all the main MMO features such as questing, mounts, pets and combat.


- Four unique classes to play as: Archer, Monk, Berserker or Dancer
- Earn mounts and pets and train them up
- Automated Systems to make gameplay easier
- Browser bases and no client download needed
- 100% Free to Play


Archer – Gifted aspirants that can utilise forces of nature and commander wins they use their ranged bow and arrow attacks to bring swift death from afar. This class is balanced for both physical and ranged attacks have a high dodge and speed in battle.

Dancer – Welcomed distractions who aim to please their audience, Dancers use fans to both entertain and fight forced using magical and ranged attacks. They are proficient in high power attacks and controlling enemies.

Monk – Masters of the after they have the command over life and death they are able to freeze water into becoming stunning ice attacks that hold their opponents in place. They are also able to command the use of healing powers tend to the wounded and dying.

Berserker – trained on the battleground they are no ordinary Warriors, the most elite fighters and soldiers give way to the fury of the Berserker. Strong at close range and physical attacks they have strong defences and even stronger weapons.


One of the main aspects of the game to give your character biggest edge possible by improving their gear, skills and ultimately their Battle Level. Players with a higher battle level than their opponent will have a significant advantage over them, to the point where if the battle level is so big a gap that it is unlikely to higher level opponents can even be injured, the that players or AI monsters.

Upgrading and tempering gear will instantly improve players Prowess, and players can transfer the level tempering of an item with only a small cost, for example, transferring a full level of Tempering to superior gear will cost 25 ingots. As well as Tempering gear, socketing it with gems and enchanting it will boost stats and in turn raise prowess and Battle Level, as well as upgrading mounts and pets.

Depending on how high a players Battle Level is they will gain a new title in a different colour to instantly recognise how powerful a player is likely to be in combat ready.


Players can use mounts to travel around quickly in style, as well as adding to their Battle Prowess was. Mounts can be purchased or earned through quests, and players can buy a special “Phasing” skill for their mounts which lets players randomly adjust the mounts stats to work better with their own. The higher a mounts stats are though the harder it is to Phase them. Players must feed their mounts so that is gains experience and levels up, which will improve its own base stats.

Players can earn pets that provide either physical attacks or magical attacks and have a different combination of skills and attributes to make them unique and bind them with Per Souls.

Pet Souls are the magical remains from powerful creatures from long ago, when these condensed energy items are siphoned and attuned to the spirit world players can use them to make their pet companions stronger are telling other a plague ravaged and act like gear would for a character.


Web Browser


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