Rising Generals


GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser / iOS / Android


Rising Generals is a free to play Empire building strategy where players build up their own private army and engage in PVP with other players in the hopes of dominating the island that they occupy using their military prowess and a huge army! The game is accessible through your web browser and compatible with mobiles and tablets for both iOS and Android.


- Be the commander of your own military base
- Build up your own army made from dozens of different troops
- Gather up resources to help expand your territory
- Fight over neutral outposts and battle against rival players
- “immediacy” gives instant effects to your actions
- Full cross compatibility between PC and mobile devices
- Free to play


The game revolves around the classic Empire building MMO where players must gather resources, raise an army, unlock new technologies, construct buildings and expand their territory in PVP orientated combat. However, in comparison to other games of this genre one of the key elements that rising generals focuses on is what they have termed “immediacy”, getting an instant effects from your actions instead of having to wait minutes, hours or even days before you see the results of your work as a so common in other MMO’s.

How this works is that players are able to choose what they wish to construct, be that fuel which is needed to perform actions and move armies or training infantry. Instead of selecting how many units you wish to train and then having to wait an amount of time before they appear players are able to get access to their resources and fuel instantly (providing they have the resources and unlocked technologies required to do so) and then creation of that item goes on a cool down before it can be used again. The length of the cooldown is determined by how many of an item of player wishes to create, for example creating one tank may have a 30 second cooldown before it can be used again whereas creating 10 tanks instantly would have a 30 minute cooldown.


Each player starts by owning their own military base, the centre of their operation and the heart of their fledgling Empire. From this location players have access to every type of action they need for running their Empire using the various facilities available:

Factory - players can construct “components”, the key resource is needed for creating units and also used for upgrading both facilities and military units themselves

Fuel depot - here players can create fuel which is used for performing actions such as attacking other players bases and outposts

Barracks - used for building up your army with a range of different unit types to choose from broken down into Combat Vehicles, Tanks, Helicopters, Suppression and Air Forces

Finance Centre - this menu gives an overview of your entire Empire showing how much money you’re bringing in and how much you are spending, including the cost for each individual unit and outpost

Main Structure - this shows which engineers players currently have available, engineers are used for capturing outposts and will go on cooldown before they are ready again

Command centre - here players can choose from a variety of different officers and equip them into their army, each providing a different type of buff

Army Intelligence - the home of your spy network here players can send Spies out to do recon work on rival outposts


The aim of the game is to expand your territory, each player starting with a base that occupies a certain area of territory on the map highlighted in blue. In red players can see the nearby enemy players and the outpost territories that they control, giving an instant overview of how powerful they are in comparison to the player. These territories are grouped together in smaller grey districts which can be viewed on the player is seamlessly zooms out on the map, by zooming out even further these districts are clustered together in identifiable areas known as regions.

The final zoom out shows the entire island that the players are fighting to control, made up of different player bases and neutral outposts. Each map can hold thousands of players at any one time. Should a player find that their base has been comes surrounded completely by enemy territory and they are unable to break away the player is able to relocate their base to another location on the island to try and start again. The endgame is likely to result the battle between regions as players join together with each other to create alliances.


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