Set in a world of magic and machines Sevencore fuses fantasy and sci-fi together into a story-driven adventure where the mighty factions of Inadar fight for power and glory. This client based free to play MMORPG boasts all the trimmings of a classic MMORPG with guilds, faction PvP, player mounts and more.


When the Goldians, the first known race of Inadar, invaded the lands of the peaceful Amaad people none could have predicted this would be the beginning of a century’s long war. Whilst the Goldian overpowered the Amaad with their science and magic, occupying their lands and forcing the race into slave labour, after a while a leader emerged from the crushed civilization and united them to strike back and reclaim their freedom.

As new races began to appear on the continent of Inadar they united to form an alliance with each other and the Goldian to crush the Amaad revolt, turning the land into a constant warzone.


- Play as one of 4 unique races: Sion, Einher and Nuuk
- 4 playable classes: Gunner, Magician, Assassin and Warrior
- Earn and upgrade various mounts; both beasts and machines
- Lots of PvP options: Battlefields, World PvP
- Level based system with skills and professions
- Player guilds


There are 4 races to choose from in Sevencore; the Sion, the Einher and the Nuuk. Each race appeared on the continent at different times over the centuries and each has developed its own culture and way of life and with it their own traits.

The Sion - The Scion are a scientifically advanced race, settling the northern outlands of Inadar it was their advanced technology that made them a major influence on the continent.

The Einher - One of the first races to arrive on Inadar they are a strong, brutish race with a warrior-like culture and are a naturally seafaring people with love for battle and war.

The Nuuk - The Nuuk avoided conflict with other civilizations for a long time, preferring to seek harmony and oneness with nature; they are a mysterious civilization and experts in the arcane.

The Aimon - a petite but powerful race that can increase the max. energy of their mounts during travel.


There are 4 classes to choose from; Warrior, Gunner, Assassin and Magician, which can be taken by any of the 4 available races, though some may be more suited to a class than others due to their racial traits. The available classes represent the fantasy/sci-fi fusion that is the basis of Sevencore, the Warrior and Magician being your typical fantasy arch-types and the gunner bringing the technology and science aspect to the game.

Warrior - Masters of melee combat the Warrior can focus on perfecting his art with Twin Blades or the Great Sword and specialize in the use of heavy armour providing an unparalleled defense.

Gunner - The marksmen of Inadar focusing on Pistols and Artillery giving them a choice between power or speed and mobility with their attacks.

Magician - Masters of the arcane the Magician focuses their power with either a Wand or a Staff, each weapon being an individual specialization; the wand offers damage over time attacks and instant casts whilst the staff gives slower but considerably more powerful spells.

Assassin - Masters of agility that specialize in melee battles using claws or daggers. This class have both a high critical chance and dodge rate.


Players gain their first mount at around level 10 where they can then be used as transport (even for flying or swimming), as an ally that fights alongside you or in mounted combat. Mounts fall into one of two classifications; either they are a Beast Mounts that has been tamed or hatched from an egg, or Mechanical Mounts that have been constructed.

Mounts have 4 major categories: Attack Oriented, Defense Orientated or Movement Orientated, and will gain a bonus to their stats reflecting this. Like your own characters mounts will level up as a companion and can be trained to learn new skills and abilities that will help you along your way.


Whilst primarily a PvE focused MMORPG where the allied factions battle against the NPC Amaad, players are also able to engage in battleground arena fights and also join an opt-in/opt-out PvP channel to flag themselves for open world PvP and fight each other.


Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2100+
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300
Windows XP or newer
DirectX 9.0c or newer
4 GB of disk space


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