Star Wars Attack Squadrons

GENRE: Free to play Space Shooter MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Area 52/Disney Interactive


In Star Wars: Attack Squadrons players will be able to embark in epic space dogfights as portrayed in the films, games and books and pilot some of the famous and infamous starships from the Star Wars galaxy in some iconic locations. This free to play MMO is accessible through users’ web browsers and players can fight with multiple players in various combat situations.


- Official Star Wars franchise
- 3 PvP Modes to Choose From
- Team Based Co-op Play
- Full Ship Customization
- Earn rewards to unlock items and upgrades
- Constantly updated
- Free to play


Set during the height of war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire pilots are being called forth to fight the good fight among the stars, taking to the cockpit of some of the most legendary craft of the war; X-Wing Fighters and TIE Interceptor’s to name a few.


Combat focuses on space based dogfights involving up to 16 players at once. Players can team up to form their own squadrons as they take on enemy players in three intense PvP game modes:

Free for All: A sixteen players death match where it’s every man for themselves

Team Dogfight: Use tactics, strategy and flight formations as you go head to head with your squad against your enemy opponent

Base Defense: Defend your own base whilst or go on the offensive as you coordinate attacks upon your enemies’


As well as flying some of the most iconic ships from the franchise players will also be able to fully customize them with various modifications and upgrades to better suit their playstyle. New upgrades and items can be unlocked with the points they earn from successful PvP matches. With regular content updates there will always be some new gear to acquire to kit out your ship.


Web Browser


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