Free to play games

Lord of Ultima () ( )

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO Platforms: Internet Browser Developer: Phenomic Studio (EA)  Overview This browser-based free to play 2-D/isometric strategy MMO is straight from the Ultima franchise, set in… More »

ARGO Online () ( )

Genre: Free to play SciFi MMORPG Platform: Windows Developed By: MGame Overview This free to play MMORPG is set in a future world where to mighty factions, the nature loving… More »

Lucent Heart () ( )

Lucent Heart Developed by PlayCoo Co. for Windows. SYNOPSIS Lucent Heart is a free to play fantasy, zodiac-inspired, anime MMORPG, which combines exciting RPG gameplay with an unprecedented social experience…. More »

Chobots () ( )

Developed by Vayersoft for Windows. SYNOPSIS Chobots is an entertaining free to play virtual world, a family game aimed at creating an interesting, safe and learning environment for kids, with… More »

Iris Online () ( )

Developed by Eyasoft for Windows. SYNOPSIS Iris Online is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the ancient world of Arcana, where three races, Elf, Huma and Human-Animal… More »

Pockie Ninja () ( )

Developed by NGames Co for internet browsers. SYNOPSIS Pockie Ninja is a free to play anime themed browser-based online game where players play the role of a ninja who is… More »

Myth Angels Online () ( )

Developed by UserJoy Technology for Windows. SYNOPSIS Myth Angels Online is a free to play MMORPG, title of the Angels Online series, with 2D anime style graphics, which features arcade… More »

Archlord () ( )

Developed by NHN for Windows. SYNOPSIS ArchLord is a f2p fantasy themed MMORPG that holds a unique competitive premise for gamers: the opportunity to rise to become the game world’s… More »

World of Ants () ( )

Developed by Crafty Studios Game for internet browsers. SYNOPSIS World of Ants is a free to play strategy browser game in which players assume the control of an entire ant… More »

War of 2012 () ( )

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO Platform: Web Browser Developer: Caplay  Overview At this free to play strategy MMO players embark on an epic journey in the year of 2012… More »

Star Trek Infinite Space () ( )

Developed by Keen games for internet browsers. SYNOPSIS Star Trek: Infinite Space is a free to play 3D browser which runs unsing the 3D Unity Engine. The game has a… More »

BlackMoon Chronicles: Winds of war () ( )

Developed by Amalgame Online for Windows. SYNOPSIS BlackMoon Chronicles: Winds of war is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game Inspired by the world of the famous comic… More »

Dreamland Online () ( )

Developed by IGG for Windows. SYNOPSIS Dreamland Online is a free to play side scrolling anime-like MMORPG which includes a wide variety of unique, cute elements, Players take a trip… More »

Canaan Online () ( )

Genre: Free to play MMORPG Platform: Web Browser Developer: XPEC  Overview This browser-based free to play MMO allows an action packed adventure where players can explore dungeons, capture pets and… More »

Rusty Hearts () ( )

Genre: Free to play Action MMORPG Platform: Windows Developer: Stairway Games  Overview this free to play MMO RPG is a classic MMO meets hack n’ slash beat-em-up with action packed… More »

Aurora Blade () ( )

Developed by IGG for internet browsers. SYNOPSIS Aurora Blade is a 2D Fantasy browser-based MMORPG with fast paced action time battles. BACKGROUND Aurora Seaport used to be a nearly wasted… More »

Ruined Online () ( )

Developed by Bigpoint for internet browsers. SYNOPSIS Ruined Online is a post apocalyptic, fast paced, 3D action third person shooter game for internet browsers that pits players against one another… More »

Karos Online () ( )

Developed by Galaxy Gate for Windows. SYNOPSIS Karos Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG where players take the role of a hero determined to defeat the curse of darkness falling… More »

Smashmuck Champions () ( )

Developer: Kiz Studios Platform: PC & Mac SYNOPSIS SmashMuck Champions is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that combines action, skill and strategy. Players will build and manage… More »

Nadirim () ( )

  DEVELOPED BY: Twisted Tribes PLATFORM: Browser SYNOPSIS Nadirim is a free-to-play multiplayer browser game in an Arabian fantasy setting inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights. Explore the… More »

Final Hour World War II () ( )

  DEVELOPED BY: ZQ Game PLATFORM: Browser SYNOPSIS Set in 1941 at the beginning of World War 2 the League of Nations have failed to keep the peace and the… More »

Chaos Heroes Online () ( )

GENRE: Free to Play MOBA PLATFORM: Windows PUBLISHER: Aeria Games OVERVIEW Chaos Heroes Online is a Korean MOBA based from what was initially DotA Chaos, the original Warcraft DoTA map… More »

FEAR Online () ( )

GENRE: Free to play FPS MMO PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Inplay Interactive OVERVIEW FEAR Online is a free to play online first person shooter that takes players into the world established… More »

Arcane Saga () ( )

Developer: CJ Games Global Platform: Windows SYNOPSIS Set in the immersive fantasy world of planet Prius, Arcane Saga is a free-to-play MMORPG that delivers an unrivalled, fast-paced and fun gaming… More »