FEAR Online

GENRE: Free to play FPS MMO
DEVELOPER: Inplay Interactive


FEAR Online is a free to play online first person shooter that takes players into the world established by the successful FEAR franchise, continuing elements of the story as revealed in the series following on from the event of FEAR 2 Project Origin. Players will arm themselves and go up against all manner of paranormal enemies and grotesque creatures whilst uncovering a wider mystery. The game features both PVE and PVP content focusing primarily on team based combat against intelligent AI or other players.


- Return to the next instalment of this ongoing horror series
- Compete against challenging AI in a cooperative story mode
- Go up against players over a variety of game modes and over 10 different PVP maps
- Arm your character with a variety of different items, weapons, gear and accessories
- Completely free to play


After the revelation of the Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) and their strange and frightening research practices had brought in the original FEAR team to deal with powerful psychic that had attacked the ATC headquarters in Fairport and a Delta Squad to bring in ATC President Genevieve Aristide for questioning an incident with a nuclear explosion destroyed half of the city. Creatures now roam freely and ATC troops move throughout the city trying to cover up their involvement in these creatures and the company’s shady practices, destroying research and witnesses that reveal the truth.

Now the government has sent in the [Redacted], a black Ops tactical unit made up of soldiers with psionic abilities who have been ordered to bring down any opposing ATC soldiers and acquire information on the company’s secret projects, as well as destroying any threats that have risen since the events of the explosion. The result is all-out war between the [Redacted] and ATC troops in the city of Fairport.


Players are able to create multiple characters, customize them with various weapons, armour and gear and align themselves with one of two different factions; the ATC or the [Redacted]:

ATC – The Amracham Technology Corporation’s Black Ops team have the primary mandate of covering up any proof of the experiments and research that was being conducted at the Fairport facility before its destruction. Made up of hired elite mercenaries they must now go up against the skilled [Redacted] who have come to hunt down as well as the creatures unleashed after the explosion

[Redacted] - in newly formed military units made up of soldiers gifted with psionic abilities, tasked with engaging any ATC soldiers remaining in Fairport, recovering information from the ATC classified projects and destroying any creatures or supernatural beings that have surfaced from the explosion caused by the original F.E.A.R. team


Players can take part in challenging PVE modes or PVP games, each focusing on team based combat:

PvE Modes - players can either take part in the scenario mode where as a team of two, three or four players they must make their way through the full Subway Panic map and complete the scenario. Players can also take part in the Escape mode where they must survive four rounds on the Fire Storm map.

PvP Modes - there are a selection of different PVP games that players can join, made up with teams of 4v4, 6v6 or 8v8 including Team Death-match mode where players win by earning points for their team through killing the other teams players, Team Demolition where two teams battle it out with one acting as an attacker and the other as a defender trying to destroy a location or Knife Mode where players only come armed with their knife to take down enemies.

Combatants can also play the unique “Soul King” mode where one player starts as a ghost with unlimited potential and must unlock new abilities by possessing the other players in the game and hunting them down until there is only one person left standing, the last survivor or the Soul King!


O/S: Win XP SP2, Win Vista, Win 7 (32/64)
CPU: P4 3.2GHz or higher
Video: GeForce 6600GT 512MB
Sound: Compatible with DirectX


2 Comments - "FEAR Online"

  1. zivs July 9, 2014 at 3:27 PM -

    This is how I actually felt playing Fear Online (MP experience compared to first FEAR multiplayer (now called Fear Combat)):


    In short – there is absolutely nothing of Fear in new installment – just the name. Game is absolutely generic FPS with lousy micro transactions and weak setting.

    If you’re a FEAR fan – avoid this parody at any cost. You won’t miss a thing (except shame).

  2. Snapphanen September 20, 2014 at 11:43 AM -

    You said that i already was a member on this game but can you send me password i have forgot it Daniel Stenström

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