Aurora Blade

Developed by IGG for internet browsers.


Aurora Blade is a 2D Fantasy browser-based MMORPG with fast paced action time battles.


Aurora Seaport used to be a nearly wasted mainland. It buzzes into activity once again, because many adventurers ferry upon it to explores its’fable and treasures. So it was also known as “Adventurer Ferry” as well.

Unfortunately, corruption from evil forces soon spread around the whole continent. With the mushrooming growth of dangers and legends,many adventurers from around the world, gathered in “Adventurer Ferry”. Adventurer Ferry is the only safe place in this corrupted continent. Nobody knows what the future lies for the adventurers; as it to be worship as a hero or to be ladden down by death. However, it is impossible that everyone can become a hero. And yet,nobody plans to leave Adventurer Ferry, because they come along with their dreams from a far distance.


excel at melee attacks and utilize various melee weapons to fight enemies.

wield spell magic against their enemies.

they usually start with a ranged attack and the move in for a melee finish.

are know for the power of their holy spells of healing.


Before, players often felt they could not take revenge for PvP defeats because they wanted to avoid increasing their Violence level. If a player is killed by another player, then the killer becomes the victim’s enemy. Killing an enemy player will not increase a player’s Violence level. But enemies killed by corresponding victims will lose some items and EXP according to their Violence level.


In Aurora Blade, all unbound items can be traded. Click “Market” in any cities to sell your items. It costs you nothing while selling items. However, the system will ask for 2% of the item’s price as a commission charge after it is successfully traded. Players can buy items from the Market wherever they are. After they successfully buy something, they can claim their items from the Express Company in the Dak.


After characters reach level 60, players can do rebirth-related quests to become reborn. After the rebirth, characters will get an attribute stats bonus to increase the proficiency level of their skills. After the rebirth, characters have exclusive access to the application of powerful gears. Players whose characters have not yet gone through rebirth can only look on in envy.


Internet connection.


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  1. Putresss April 1, 2020 at 6:33 AM -

    I want you to remake this one but this time i want to play this on android..i really miss to play this game,its already 11yrs since the last time i played this..

  2. Ichall September 29, 2020 at 2:40 AM -

    me too, i really miss to play this game

  3. Ichall September 29, 2020 at 3:16 AM -

    cmon we make a petition to igg for remake Aurora Blade and playable on android device

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