Star Trek Infinite Space

Developed by Keen games for internet browsers.


Star Trek: Infinite Space is a free to play 3D browser which runs unsing the 3D Unity Engine. The game has a strong focus on keeping itself easy to access while still offering a lot of depth and variety in the gameplay.

Lee Sheldon, the experienced game designer, author, producer and script writer of Star Trek TV Shows has written the storyline and game missions.


The game is set in the Deep Space Nine timeline of late Seasons 3 and after (Dominion War).

It allows to choose between two playable factions: Join the Federation or become a Klingon. Select your vessel from many authentic Star Trek spaceships, embark on missions and freely explore star sectors. Rise in level, gather special ship equipment or master skills by building up you own crew.


Gameplay experience
Suitable for quick lunch break assignments as well as long exploration nights.

Free to play
No software costs and no subscription fees required.

Unity Engine technology

Stunning technology from the advanced Unity™ federation delivers rich and rewarding 3D graphics to your web browser like never experienced with flash technology.

For web browsers
No client software installation to wait for, start playing straight away. Mac users can finally compete with PC users or even play in coop-mode.

Playing with friends
Tackle missions on your own or join up with fellow Captains for cooperative gameplay or disintegrate them, visiting dedicated player vs player sectors to engage in combat.


Internet connection.


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