Lord of Ultima

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO
Platforms: Internet Browser
Developer: Phenomic Studio (EA)


This browser-based free to play 2-D/isometric strategy MMO is straight from the Ultima franchise, set in a time after the destruction of the world of Sosaria, and new land has appeared from its remains: Caledonia. Made up from hundreds of islands players will begin their adventure as the leader of their own fledgling village, which over time will grow to become sprawling city and the heart of their Empire as they expand their borders and conquer new lands for their own.

 As the ruler of your kingdom you will have a number of tools at your disposal, each of which you will have to master to secure the prosperity of your Empire and ensure it thrives above all others. Engage in trade, diplomacy and espionage against rivals as well as focusing on your military might with all-out battle and tactical city sieges as you rise to become the eventual Lord of Ultima.

 Key Features

 -          27 buildings to choose from and strategically place in your city for maximum efficiency

-          Take on a number of different quests that will guide you through the various features of the game and reward you for exploring the available content

-          Delve into dangerous dungeons and defeat deadly bosses

-          Choose your path on your journey to becoming the lord of ultima; either by diplomacy or by conquest

-          Create strong alliances with hundreds of available players

-          Graphically detailed cities with wonderful animations; zoom right into the action and witness the detail up close

 Tactical Military Actions

There are a variety of different commands that players can make when controlling their vast armies:

 Assault: a single point of attack focusing on dealing damage upon any city and those units within; troops are sent out to make their attack and then any surviving troops will return home. This action can only be performed by those cities that have castle and only cities with their own castle are viable targets.

Plunder: any city can be plundered and have its resources looted with limited casualties inflicted to the defending city, however the attacking city must own a castle themselves.

 Scout: players can use the Scout ability to gain information on any rival cities, but requires a castle in your city to perform the action.

 Siege: a more prolonged attack in comparison to an assault, during a siege the deployed troops will attack every hour until they are killed or recalled, where each attack will do a fifth of the damage to both parties that would be done in an assault attack. Both the attacking and defending city require a castle to perform a siege; by adding a barren into your siege in force players are able to conquer a city, including Lawless Cities.

 Support: troops can be sent out to defend a city under attack and the deployed units will count towards that city’s defence. The support troops still remain under the control of the person who deployed them and not the owner of the city being defended. The city does not need to have a castle to perform this action.

*Raid: this action can only be used in PVP against dungeons and world bosses, used to fight the various creatures and acquire valuable loot. This action does not require a city to have a castle

 Lawless Cities

if players go absent from the game then their cities it will remain and we considered Lawless cities, still available to be conquered by the remaining players. The rate at which cities become Lawless is dependent on players ranking at the time they become absent from the game, between two and four weeks, or if the city is actively abandoned or the player decides to restart then all cities will instantly become Lawless.

 Barons can be used to seize control of Lawless Cities, which costs the same amount of resources as it would to create your own new city, however the city retains any buildings that had been constructive in it. Any Lawless City lacking a castle does not need a Baron in the attacking army in order to take control of it. Barons arriving at a Lawless city that had been settled whilst he was making the journey will return back to their home city along with the standard resources needed for settling a new city that they are rewarded with, if a player does not have space to store these resources than they are lost.

 Player versus Player Combat

a player requires a Castle in their city to attack another player, however in doing so opens up your own city to potentially been captured by another enemy. Players must strategically decide which of their cities should have castles and which should remain uncastled to best serve their Empire’s needs.

 The Minister

A Minister is available for hire using Diamonds for a set duration of time, during which they enable players to extend specific queues (recruitment and construction) as well as making certain processes automated. Players can hire ministers for either 7 or 28 days, as well is hiring them as a bundle to gain a price advantage.

 Premium Currency

The game uses Diamonds as the main premium currency which can be spent on acquiring special items to enhance your game experience and can be purchased through the in game store tab.

 System Requirement

Internet Connection


Web:  Lord of Ultima



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  1. JDG April 27, 2013 at 9:30 AM -

    Definitely one of the best games out there in it’s category since it launched 3 years ago, I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a long-term gaming experience. It has good game balance, and the devs have done a good job in improving and adding new content that has kept me playing since the game launched in 2010. A very social game that relies heavily on a group of players working together

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