War of 2012

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: Caplay


At this free to play strategy MMO players embark on an epic journey in the year of 2012 as you rise from oppressive darkness in an age of ignorance, finding enlightenment and progressing through the ages amidst a ferocious war that has spread across the world.


The world has entered a depression due to a distinct cultural divide and so the world’s leaders gathered together and amongst themselves labelled the misuse of common technology as the culprit for this downward spiral of society. Stripping the populous of modern technologies and education to solve their problem they inadvertently plunged the world into a dark age.

The world is now a primitive place and its people simply struggle to survive and try to rebuild in those pockets of civilisation that defied the world leaders. The rulers of these cities were Lords that would oppose any who would try to strip them of their human rights as well as those that would try to profit from the misery of others; bandits and murderers who plague the land.

The Ages

There are 4 ages that players will progress through in the game: Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age and Imperial Age, during which players will witness the progression of society as it improves its technology and culture through research.

There is a built in Age Protection feature whereby players can only be attacked by players that are in the same age so that new players and continuously destroyed by more veteran players that completely outmatched them. However, if a player chooses to attack someone in a more advanced age as them then the higher levelled player is free to retaliate and attack them back.


In the game players can own up to 15 heroes that have their own stats and talents to determine which types of units they are most proficient at leading into battle, a good commander knows where to assign their heroes to get the most out of their army. Heroes come in eight different rarities that are colour-coded from grey being the lowest to gold being the highest and heroes can even be equipped with their own gear.

 The Troops

There are twelve troop columns to each player, which are linked with each other, though each has its own unique skills and fame, meaning that no single troop is more overpowered than another and that players require tactics as opposed to simply using vast numbers of troops. Battles in game are always turn-based but when a battle begins both the defenders and the funders make their attacks simultaneously.


Players are able to trade with each other for treasure, resources, equipment, materials and even special orbs for heroes. Buying and selling is a great way to make your fortune and those savvy merchants can even make use of the auction house in the Market.


Players are able to create enemies and allies in the game, powerful alliances can be made with other players that allows them to work together on projects and achieve similar goals, as well as facing the trials in the temple arena.

The Temple Arena

There are six ancient Mayan temples that now stand as great oracles, those that had predicted 2012 as being the end of the world. However, treasures and relics have been recovered in the area since the downfall of society that are believed to hold important symbols and clues to restoring humanity. Alliances can work together to try and recover these prized possessions, which are used to control the populous that worshipped the ancient Mayans, giving great benefits to those who control the artefacts.

 System Requirement

Web Browser





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