Chaos Heroes Online

GENRE: Free to Play MOBA
PUBLISHER: Aeria Games


Chaos Heroes Online is a Korean MOBA based from what was initially DotA Chaos, the original Warcraft DoTA map mod that also gave rise to DotA Allstars that lead to DotA 2. A huge hit in South Korea the game is more true to the roots of the original mod and is extremely popular their and will now be making its European debut. In the game players choose from a wide variety of different Heroes and fight each other in team based combat with the goal of destroying the enemies’ base.


- Based on the original Warcraft DOTA Chaos
- 60+ Heroes to choose from
- Three lane map
- Matches with 50 minute time limit
- 5v5 Team Games
- Buy items in the field
- Free to play


Whilst offering many similar features to other titles in the MOBA genre, Chaos Heroes Online offers a number of significant changes that will make gameplay strategy different in comparison to its peers. Players will still battle it out in team based combat over a three Lane map, trying to push through waves of enemies, fight past sentry towers and go head-to-head against other rival Heroes in the hope of pushing into the enemy base and destroying it. Players will join the game on a single multi-language server, meaning Guilds and communities that are spread across the world will be able to play with each other.


There is a wide selection of heroes already available as the game has been published in Korea for many years and has been extremely successful, the European version of the game will launch with around 60 available heroes. Unlike some titles in the genre players will have full access to all heroes at any time, with the intention of adding more every few weeks.

Heroes are divided into two different factions and then broken down into three main categories based off their Strength Intelligence or Agility, with each Hero having unique abilities and skills and a completely different style of play. Players are able to customise some heroes with various skins to change the look of them.


There are a variety of battle modes available in the game including a classic 5v5 player game made up of two teams of five, 5vsAI were a group Co-op can battle against the intelligent AI enemy team as well as a single player option with one player, 4 AI teammates against a full AI team. There are also customise game options were room owners are able to choose the number of human and AI players.


There is a single map available that offers up three lanes with the two main base is located at the top left and bottom right of the map (flipped in comparison to other MOBA games) as well as offering up portals to instantly transferred between top and bottom lanes, though use of these teleporters is restricted to twice per game. Players will find a number of camps in the jungle areas filled with wild mobs that will attack any players on sight, jungle areas can also be cut down to form their own mini-paths for players.


Two of the key differences with the game in comparison to other MOBA is that there is a time limit on each game of 50 minutes and players are able to purchase items and consumables in the field without having to return to their base, meaning that players are constantly in battle and not having to trail back and forth to their base or the time. Having the time limit gives players a finite window to complete their objectives otherwise they may lose on a points-based system.

Success in battle is also extremely twitch based where fast reaction times either by casting abilities or using consumables at the right time can greatly reward player, such skill requirements offer up exciting gameplay moments that will no doubt be embraced by the eSports crowd.


Currently Unknown


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