BlackMoon Chronicles: Winds of war

Developed by Amalgame Online for Windows.


BlackMoon Chronicles: Winds of war is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game Inspired by the world of the famous comic strip “Chroniques de la Lune Noire”, by François Marcella Froideval, designed by Olivier LeDroit and Cyril Pontet, which it has sold more than 4 million copies.
The player is moving in a interactive comic book. Its graphics, the way to communicate with both the player characters and the non-player characters have no equivocation.
Everything was staged to remind the world of comic books.


For over thirty years, the vast army of the emperor Haghendorf has maintained peace in the kingdom of Lhynn. A civilization at its peak that shines like a jewel in a world of darkness, where strength rules. The political stagnation of the Empire has lead to internal dissent; the vicious game of politics has had its impact! Haazheel Thorn has declared war. The fissures may lead to the collapse of the Empire! [...]


- A unique universe with a full-fledged graphic style, ts drawings make this game a work that immerses the players in an exciting world. Nearly 30 different areas to go to, for thousands of hours of gaming in perspective.

- A world in constant evolution, Game Masters will be there to animate the servers, give an interest in role-play and encourage interaction between players.

- Multiple possibilities, offers its players many gaming opportunities: quests, interactions, player vs. player, halls of fame, ranking, PVM. Whether you like role-playing or PVP, every effort was made to entertain you.


The players must choose between the four factions; The Empire, the Order of Light, the Knights of Justice and the Priesthood of the Black Moon. Among these factions, the player will have the opportunity to choose between twelve classes of characters

The Empire
The Empire has ruled over the land of Lhynn for over three decades. Its colors, red and black, represent war and death respectively and are proudly displayed throughout its capital city of Lhynn.

Classes: Sorcerer, Warrior.

The Order Light
Despite rumors about the integrity of their faction leader, Fratus Sinister, members of the Order of Light are loyal to the Emperor, whose cause they defend from the peaceful city of Altenberg.

Classes: Archer, Phalanx.

The knights of Justice
Led by Prince Parsifal from the stronghold city of Sysigie, the Knights of Justice are the Empire's elite troops, whose white and blue uniforms signal the sincere purity of their intentions.

Classes: Paladin, priest.

The Priesthood of the Black Moon
The Priesthood of the Black Moon encourages sinister adventurers from all over the world to join its ranks and help build up the two cities it overtook from the Empire: Hoorkher and Moork.

Classes: Dark Priest, Black Guard, ghoul, Necromant, Orc Barbarian, Menthat.


- P 200 MMX
- 32 Mb Ram
- 2 Mb Graphics Card supporting 65,000 colors
- 8x CD ROM
- Sound Card
- DirectXTM6


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