Canaan Online

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: XPEC


This browser-based free to play MMO allows an action packed adventure where players can explore dungeons, capture pets and then train them to become powerful companions, create items to use or sell and even join or create their own Guild.


When Canaan’s King died tragically it was left to for heroes to return to Karugarner City, the lands capital, to restore control and peace to the people. Abandoning their quest to aid those in need in the city they were ambushed resulting in the death of one of the heroes and the disappearance of another. Upon reaching Karugarner the two remaining survivors were exiled by the powers of the church who had believed that these two had returned to try and seize power for themselves.

Playable Classes

There are four available classes within the game to choose from:

The Warrior: excellent in melee combat these fighters prefer to be in the very heart of a battle, adorned with heavy armour they have high defences against physical attacks and are able to return these in kind against their enemies.

The Mage: with a natural talent for harnessing the power is of the elements they can command ice storms, summon walls of burning fire and are a fearsome opponent to come up against, though physically weak their powerful damage dealing attacks more than make up for this.

The Ranger: is equipped with a long ranged bow the Ranger is able to keep their distance from the battle and pick off targets from afar, using proficiency and accuracy to inflict the most amount of damage.

The Priest: able to control light magic to heal their companions the priest is also able to utilise dark magic, making them fierce enemies upon the battlefield and acting as an exceptional support class to a group or a powerful solo adventurer.


Whilst journeying across the world on your adventures players are able to tame and train a number of different creatures to make them their own pets, everything from turtles to terrifying three headed Cerberus. Pets level up and gain their own attributes and skills and are able to be put into four different modes: defence, attack, possession and rest. Players can have three active pets each taking up one of these roles whilst the rest will stay in rest mode.

Players are able to fight with their pets at their side or have them act as healing companions, players can also choose their pets battle position either choosing them to fight on the front line in front of them where they guard you from melee attacks (but not ranged) or behind you where they can only be hit by ranged attacks themselves.

System Requirement

Internet connection



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