Canaan Online screenshots

  • Added Canaan Online to our data base
  • We have added to our data base a full profile, with information, screenshots, wallpapers and videos of Canaan Online. Take a look.Screenshots | Wallpapers | Videos | Profile
  • GPotato is celebrating christmas events for all its games
  • Gala Networks Europe is celebrating Christmas with a series of special in-game events for every title running on its portal.- Flyff will be running special Christmas events for all servers until December 29th as Santa comes to visit. He will be in Flaris and players can visit him...
  • Pet and consume giveaway for Canaan
  • Gala Networks Europe and F2P would like to offer the following for a giveaway for Canaan, create a acount here.The winner would receive all the new pets and costumes:• 1 Amber Dragon- Hidden in the deep caves of the Kazan desert, the Amber Dragon only shows itself to the bravest of heroes!•...


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