Pet and consume giveaway for Canaan

Gala Networks Europe and F2P would like to offer the following for a giveaway for Canaan, create a acount here.

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The winner would receive all the new pets and costumes:

• 1 Amber Dragon
- Hidden in the deep caves of the Kazan desert, the Amber Dragon only shows itself to the bravest of heroes!
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• 1 White Cockatrice
- A result of a failed scientific experiment, the Cockatrice was given the head of a rooster, the body of a snake and bat wings.
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• 1 Seraph (Blue)
- A bright blue Seraph angel, with wings in his hair.
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• 1 Little Angel (Red)
- Angelic red dress, with cute little angel wings.
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Four runner-ups would receive the two new costumes:

• Seraph (Blue)

• Little Angel (Red)

There are no promotional keys, all we need is winner and runner-ups to supply their forum name. Once we have that the Canaan Online Games Masters will be able to provide them with their prizes.

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