Global Soccer


GENRE: Free to play Soccer MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Firekom Studio


global soccer is a football themed free to play MMORPG where players can build up their own club and go head-to-head against rival teams in the tournament and league play. Show off your abilities and skills on the pitch as you gain experience and level up your player on the road to fortune and fame. Whilst the ability to create your club is in the game the main focus is taking on the role of a single player on their rise to becoming a superstar.


- Build up a profile of an individual player on their road to international stardom
- Full character customization
- Play in action packed for one matches
- Train up your player to be the best and earn virtual currency as you do so
- Experience all the trappings of an international football superstar including buying fancy cars, apartments and taking interviews
- Navigate the Global Soccer City, opening up a virtual world to interact with other players
- Free to play MMO


When a new player enters the game they are able to completely customize their characters’ appearance through a variety of options including name, gender, skin tone, hair style and colour (including facial hair) and eye colour.


In the game there are three different classes that players can choose from: Striker, Midfielder and Defender. Each class has their own path of development specific to their position on the pitch where different skills and abilities work better for one class or another, for example, the defender has the ability to take a shot at goal but this will never be as good as the striker, similarly the defender had the ability to communicate with the goalkeeper but this is unavailable to the other two classes. These skills are further limited as to the level that each class can train them up to.

One of the main features that defines the classes is what zone they can operate in without any issues. The defender controlled zone that is in their teams’ half of the pitch, the midfielder controls the opponent’s half of the pitch excluding the strike area and penalty box surrounding the opposition goal and the striker controls the opposition’ half of the pitch. When operating outside of their area the class will build up stress points, this is used to emphasise them being out of position and presumably adopting the role they are less than used to. Each point of stress reduces skills by one point.


During the match players can perform all manner of actions were suitable to their position including throw-ins, corner kicks, assists, passes, free kicks, strikes and even penalty kicks. Players are even able to perform celebratory dances if they score a goal!


Global Soccer City acts as its own free to roam virtual world, with numerous buildings that players can enter players can follow signposts around the city to navigate it with ease and speak to NPC’s who will inform them what a particular location is all about. Most areas can be reached by walking to them and each building has a teleporter outside it to get inside, however some areas are further afield, for example your home or the gym, and require a bus journey to reach them.


Players earn virtual money after every match as payment from the Club; the amount they earn is determined by their current level, the current league they play in, the assessment of the player’s performance during the match and their prestige points. Prestige points can be earned by spending your money on clothing, cars and purchasing items for your home, all of which will in turn increase the amount of money you will get in future. Players can also spend their money on purchasing meals in restaurants, the expense of the meal the more energy they will gain for their next match, which is automatically depleted during the game when performing actions off the field when travelling around the city.


Operating System: Windows XP or Higher
CPU: 2GHz+
Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 support
DirectX Version: 9.0c




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