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Dawngate is a new free to play MOBA that offers a flexible system that allows players to build their own champions from the ground up, with a selection of-based characters they can define their roles and customise the template builds with the new spiritstone loadout system.


  • Choose from 25 different “Shaper” characters

  • Define your role separate to your chosen character

  • Team based Co-op PVP

  • 1 Map, multiple objectives

  • Build your own customised loadouts to give your character a more focused role

  • Free to play


Dawngate is another contender in the MOBA arena, trying to bring something fresh and new to the genre with what the developers call a “flexible meta” allowing players the freedom of choice to create the types of characters they want to play and in a way that suits their play style whilst always contributing to the team. The game is built up with 5V5 games on a two-lane map and the huge jungle with extra neutral unique objectives that can change up the strategy of the game, which culminates in having to defeat the oppositions Guardian boss NPC.


There are currently 25 different characters that players can choose from, known as Shapers, they are the ones called to fight in the endless battle of the Dawngate. Each character comes with their own extensive bio, character art work and unique abilities/attacks and stats. Shapers are not pigeonholed into a specific role and players are able to modify and upgrade their characters to suit the type of role they prefer to play when in game using a character that they particularly like.


There are four available roles that players can choose from in the game, each one focusing on a particular place style, players can choose which school they wish to fill at the beginning of the game and the shaper will acquire specific benefits based on that chosen role that will remain for the duration of the game.

  • Gladiator - for those who like to focus on farming Lane minions they often act as the carry in a team and gain extra “Vim” when scoring a killing blow on a minion

  • Tactician - these players are the main support in a lane allowing players to earn vim whilst harassing and setting up kill opportunities for their lane allies, gaining extra vim for damaging enemies and being in the vicinity of a lane minion when it dies

  • Hunter - this role is specific for those players that like to act as junglers, fighting the neutral camps and jungle monsters as well as capturing Spirit Wells, giving them a bonus to damaging jungle creatures as well as gaining health boosts and XP boosts when killing them

  • Predator - for those aggressive players like to get kills and prefer to aggressively lane or acting as an off-jungler they gain more vim from killing or assisting kills against enemy shapers


The map itself is divided primarily into three portions of jungle (left, mid and right) with two lanes running between them that join up each team’s base. Each Lane has six “Bindings” (towers), three for each team, the closer a binding is to its own base the more powerful it is and the more damage it does to the enemy. Along each lane waves of minions will travel towards the enemy base from each team, as is often seen in MOBA games and used to help push the lane and reach the enemy base.

The map also features a unique Spirit Wells, neutral points that can be captured and recaptured by either team, once captured players can mine resources for the team. Another neutral component of the map is The Parasite, a larger boss at the centre of the map that that has three forms, first of all spawning a weak version of itself, once killed it will respawn to a stronger version and then respond once more which is a great resource for money, power and health regeneration for a team.


Players also have access to the loadout system where they can create specific loadouts and allow players to increase the early and late game abilities and stats of their shaper. Players can create their own loadouts using Spiritstones, differently shaped storms that fit on a 4x4 grid to make your loadout; each Spiritstone allowing new abilities and skills once activated by inserting Sparks into it. Every Spiritstone has a number of slots on it that come in one of three different colours which associate to a particular bonus type: Green (offense), Red (Defense) and Blue (Utility), once a Spiritstone is filled with sparks of the same colour it will activate bonuses for the player.


  • Web Browser

  • O/S: Win XP 32 or higher

  • CPU: Dual Core 2.2 GHz or equivalent

  • RAM: 2GB

  • HDD: 5GB

  • Video: Nvidia GeForce GT 330 or Radeon HD 3600 Series

  • DirectX Version: 9.0c


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